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VIDEOPLAYER::CProcessInfoWayland Class Reference

#include <ProcessInfoWayland.h>

Inheritance diagram for VIDEOPLAYER::CProcessInfoWayland:

Public Member Functions

 CProcessInfoWayland ()
void SetSwDeinterlacingMethods () override
std::vector< AVPixelFormat > GetRenderFormats () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CProcessInfo
virtual ~CProcessInfo ()=default
void SetDataCache (CDataCacheCore *cache)
void ResetVideoCodecInfo ()
void SetVideoDecoderName (const std::string &name, bool isHw)
std::string GetVideoDecoderName ()
bool IsVideoHwDecoder ()
void SetVideoDeintMethod (const std::string &method)
std::string GetVideoDeintMethod ()
void SetVideoPixelFormat (const std::string &pixFormat)
std::string GetVideoPixelFormat ()
void SetVideoStereoMode (const std::string &mode)
std::string GetVideoStereoMode ()
void SetVideoDimensions (int width, int height)
void GetVideoDimensions (int &width, int &height)
void SetVideoFps (float fps)
float GetVideoFps ()
void SetVideoDAR (float dar)
float GetVideoDAR ()
void SetVideoInterlaced (bool interlaced)
bool GetVideoInterlaced ()
virtual EINTERLACEMETHOD GetFallbackDeintMethod ()
void UpdateDeinterlacingMethods (std::list< EINTERLACEMETHOD > &methods)
bool Supports (EINTERLACEMETHOD method) const
void SetDeinterlacingMethodDefault (EINTERLACEMETHOD method)
EINTERLACEMETHOD GetDeinterlacingMethodDefault () const
CVideoBufferManagerGetVideoBufferManager ()
std::vector< AVPixelFormat > GetPixFormats ()
void SetPixFormats (std::vector< AVPixelFormat > &formats)
void ResetAudioCodecInfo ()
void SetAudioDecoderName (const std::string &name)
std::string GetAudioDecoderName ()
void SetAudioChannels (const std::string &channels)
std::string GetAudioChannels ()
void SetAudioSampleRate (int sampleRate)
int GetAudioSampleRate ()
void SetAudioBitsPerSample (int bitsPerSample)
int GetAudioBitsPerSample ()
virtual bool AllowDTSHDDecode ()
virtual bool WantsRawPassthrough ()
void SetRenderClockSync (bool enabled)
bool IsRenderClockSync ()
void UpdateRenderInfo (CRenderInfo &info)
void UpdateRenderBuffers (int queued, int discard, int free)
void GetRenderBuffers (int &queued, int &discard, int &free)
void SeekFinished (int64_t offset)
 Notifies that a seek operation has finished.
void SetStateSeeking (bool active)
bool IsSeeking ()
void SetStateRealtime (bool state)
bool IsRealtimeStream ()
void SetSpeed (float speed)
void SetNewSpeed (float speed)
float GetNewSpeed ()
void SetFrameAdvance (bool fa)
bool IsFrameAdvance ()
void SetTempo (float tempo)
void SetNewTempo (float tempo)
float GetNewTempo ()
bool IsTempoAllowed (float tempo)
virtual float MinTempoPlatform ()
virtual float MaxTempoPlatform ()
void SetLevelVQ (int level)
int GetLevelVQ ()
void SetGuiRender (bool gui)
bool GetGuiRender ()
void SetVideoRender (bool video)
bool GetVideoRender ()
unsigned int GetMaxPassthroughOffSyncDuration () const
void SetPlayTimes (time_t start, int64_t current, int64_t min, int64_t max)
int64_t GetMaxTime ()
CVideoSettings GetVideoSettings ()
void SetVideoSettings (CVideoSettings &settings)
CVideoSettingsLockedGetVideoSettingsLocked ()

Static Public Member Functions

static CProcessInfoCreate ()
static void Register ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from CProcessInfo
static CProcessInfoCreateInstance ()
static void RegisterProcessControl (const std::string &id, CreateProcessControl createFunc)

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from CProcessInfo
 CProcessInfo ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from CProcessInfo
CDataCacheCorem_dataCache = nullptr
bool m_videoIsHWDecoder
std::string m_videoDecoderName
std::string m_videoDeintMethod
std::string m_videoPixelFormat
std::string m_videoStereoMode
int m_videoWidth
int m_videoHeight
float m_videoFPS
float m_videoDAR
bool m_videoIsInterlaced
std::list< EINTERLACEMETHODm_deintMethods
EINTERLACEMETHOD m_deintMethodDefault
CCriticalSection m_videoCodecSection
CVideoBufferManager m_videoBufferManager
std::vector< AVPixelFormat > m_pixFormats
std::string m_audioDecoderName
std::string m_audioChannels
int m_audioSampleRate
int m_audioBitsPerSample
CCriticalSection m_audioCodecSection
CCriticalSection m_renderSection
bool m_isClockSync
CRenderInfo m_renderInfo
int m_renderBufQueued = 0
int m_renderBufFree = 0
int m_renderBufDiscard = 0
CCriticalSection m_stateSection
bool m_stateSeeking
std::atomic_int m_levelVQ
std::atomic_bool m_renderGuiLayer
std::atomic_bool m_renderVideoLayer
float m_tempo
float m_newTempo
float m_speed
float m_newSpeed
bool m_frameAdvance
time_t m_startTime
int64_t m_time
int64_t m_timeMax
int64_t m_timeMin
bool m_realTimeStream
CCriticalSection m_settingsSection
CVideoSettings m_videoSettings
std::unique_ptr< CVideoSettingsLockedm_videoSettingsLocked
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from CProcessInfo
static std::map< std::string, CreateProcessControlm_processControls

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CProcessInfoWayland()

CProcessInfoWayland::CProcessInfoWayland ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Create()

CProcessInfo * CProcessInfoWayland::Create ( )

◆ GetRenderFormats()

std::vector< AVPixelFormat > CProcessInfoWayland::GetRenderFormats ( )

Reimplemented from CProcessInfo.

◆ Register()

void CProcessInfoWayland::Register ( )

◆ SetSwDeinterlacingMethods()

void CProcessInfoWayland::SetSwDeinterlacingMethods ( )

Reimplemented from CProcessInfo.

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