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CUtf8Utils Member List

This is the complete list of members for CUtf8Utils, including all inherited members.

checkStrForUtf8(const std::string &str)CUtf8Utilsstatic
FindValidUtf8Char(const std::string &str, const size_t startPos=0)CUtf8Utilsstatic
hiAscii enum valueCUtf8Utils
isValidUtf8(const std::string &str)CUtf8Utilsinlinestatic
plainAscii enum valueCUtf8Utils
RFindValidUtf8Char(const std::string &str, const size_t startPos)CUtf8Utilsstatic
SizeOfUtf8Char(const std::string &str, const size_t charStart=0)CUtf8Utilsinlinestatic
utf8CheckResult enum nameCUtf8Utils
utf8string enum valueCUtf8Utils