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CAction Member List

This is the complete list of members for CAction, including all inherited members.

CAction(int actionID, float amount1=1.0f, float amount2=0.0f, const std::string &name="", unsigned int holdTime=0, unsigned int buttonCode=0)CAction
CAction(int actionID, wchar_t unicode)CAction
CAction(int actionID, unsigned int state, float posX, float posY, float offsetX, float offsetY, float velocityX=0.0f, float velocityY=0.0f, const std::string &name="")CAction
CAction(int actionID, const std::string &name, const CKey &key)CAction
CAction(int actionID, const std::string &name)CAction
CAction(const CAction &other)CActioninline
GetAmount(unsigned int index=0) constCActioninline
GetButtonCode() constCActioninline
GetHoldTime() constCActioninline
GetID() constCActioninline
GetName() constCActioninline
GetRepeat() constCActioninline
GetText() constCActioninline
GetUnicode() constCActioninline
IsAnalog() constCAction
IsGesture() constCAction
IsMouse() constCAction
operator=(const CAction &rhs)CAction
SetText(const std::string &text)CActioninline