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CDirtyRegion Member List

This is the complete list of members for CDirtyRegion, including all inherited members.

Area() const XBMC_FORCE_INLINECRectGen< float >inline
CDirtyRegion(const CRect &rect)CDirtyRegioninlineexplicit
CDirtyRegion(float left, float top, float right, float bottom)CDirtyRegioninline
CRectGen() noexcept=defaultCRectGen< float >
CRectGen(float left, float top, float right, float bottom)CRectGen< float >inline
CRectGen(const point_type &p1, const point_type &p2)CRectGen< float >inline
CRectGen(const point_type &origin, const size_type &size)CRectGen< float >inline
CRectGen(const CRectGen< U > &rhs)CRectGen< float >inlineexplicit
GetQuad(point_type(&points)[4])CRectGen< float >inline
Height() const XBMC_FORCE_INLINECRectGen< float >inline
Intersect(const this_type &rect)CRectGen< float >inline
Intersects(const this_type &rect) constCRectGen< float >inline
IsEmpty() const XBMC_FORCE_INLINECRectGen< float >inline
operator+(const point_type &point) constCRectGen< float >inline
operator+(const size_type &size) constCRectGen< float >inline
operator+=(const point_type &point) XBMC_FORCE_INLINECRectGen< float >inline
operator+=(const size_type &size)CRectGen< float >inline
operator-(const point_type &point) constCRectGen< float >inline
operator-(const size_type &size) constCRectGen< float >inline
operator-=(const point_type &point) XBMC_FORCE_INLINECRectGen< float >inline
operator-=(const size_type &size)CRectGen< float >inline
P1() const XBMC_FORCE_INLINECRectGen< float >inline
P2() const XBMC_FORCE_INLINECRectGen< float >inline
point_type typedefCRectGen< float >
PtInRect(const point_type &point) constCRectGen< float >inline
SetRect(float left, float top, float right, float bottom)CRectGen< float >inline
size_type typedefCRectGen< float >
SubtractRect(this_type splitterRect)CRectGen< float >inline
SubtractRects(const std::vector< this_type > &intersectionList)CRectGen< float >inline
this_type typedefCRectGen< float >
ToSize() constCRectGen< float >inline
Union(const this_type &rect)CRectGen< float >inline
Width() const XBMC_FORCE_INLINECRectGen< float >inline
x1CRectGen< float >
x2CRectGen< float >
y1CRectGen< float >
y2CRectGen< float >