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@ingroup cpp_kodi_addon_pvr_Defs_Timer_PVRTimerType

The following table contains values that can be set with class PVRTimerType :

Name Type Set call Get call Usage
Identifier unsigned int SetId GetId required to set
Attributes unsigned int SetAttributes GetAttributes required to set
Description std::string SetDescription GetDescription optional
Priority selection PVRTypeIntValue SetPriorities GetPriorities optional
Priority default selection int SetPrioritiesDefault GetPrioritiesDefault optional
Lifetime selection PVRTypeIntValue SetLifetimes GetLifetimes optional
Lifetime default selection int SetLifetimesDefault GetLifetimesDefault optional
Prevent duplicate episodes selection PVRTypeIntValue SetPreventDuplicateEpisodes GetPreventDuplicateEpisodes optional
Prevent duplicate episodes default int SetPreventDuplicateEpisodesDefault GetPreventDuplicateEpisodesDefault optional
Recording group selection PVRTypeIntValue SetRecordingGroups GetRecordingGroups optional
Recording group default int SetRecordingGroupDefault GetRecordingGroupDefault optional
Max recordings selection PVRTypeIntValue SetMaxRecordings GetMaxRecordings optional
Max recordings default int SetMaxRecordingsDefault GetMaxRecordingsDefault optional