Kodi Documentation 22.0
Kodi is an open source media player and entertainment hub.
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Software framebuffer stream data More...


struct  game_stream_sw_framebuffer_buffer
 Software framebuffer type More...


typedef game_stream_video_properties game_stream_sw_framebuffer_properties
 Game software framebuffer stream properties
typedef struct game_stream_sw_framebuffer_buffer game_stream_sw_framebuffer_buffer
 Software framebuffer type
typedef game_stream_video_packet game_stream_sw_framebuffer_packet
 Software framebuffer packet

Detailed Description

Software framebuffer stream data

Typedef Documentation

◆ game_stream_sw_framebuffer_buffer

typedef struct game_stream_sw_framebuffer_buffer game_stream_sw_framebuffer_buffer

Software framebuffer type

◆ game_stream_sw_framebuffer_packet

Software framebuffer packet

This packet contains video stream data passed to Kodi.

◆ game_stream_sw_framebuffer_properties

Game software framebuffer stream properties

Used by Kodi to pass the currently required video stream settings to the addon