Kodi Documentation 22.0
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@ingroup cpp_kodi_vfs_Defs_FileStatus

The following table contains values that can be set with class FileStatus :

Name Type Set call Get call
ID of device containing file uint32_t SetDeviceId GetDeviceId
Represent file serial numbers uint64_t SetFileSerialNumber GetFileSerialNumber
Total size, in bytes uint64_t SetSize GetSize
Time of last access time_t SetAccessTime GetAccessTime
Time of last modification time_t SetModificationTime GetModificationTime
Time of last status change time_t SetStatusTime GetStatusTime
Stat url is a directory bool SetIsDirectory GetIsDirectory
Stat url as a symbolic link bool SetIsSymLink GetIsSymLink
Stat url as a block special bool SetIsBlock GetIsBlock
Stat url as a character special bool SetIsCharacter GetIsCharacter
Stat url as a FIFO special bool SetIsFifo GetIsFifo
Stat url as a regular bool SetIsRegular GetIsRegular
Stat url as a socket bool SetIsSocket GetIsSocket