Kodi Documentation 22.0
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The following table contains values that can be set with class InputstreamInfo :

Name Type used Required Set call Get call
Stream type all yes SetStreamType GetStreamType
Feature flags all yes SetFeatures GetFeatures
Flags all yes SetFlags GetFlags
Name all no SetName GetName
Codec name all yes SetCodecName GetCodecName
Codec internal name all no SetCodecInternalName GetCodecInternalName
Codec Profile all no SetCodecProfile GetCodecProfile
Physical index all yes SetPhysicalIndex GetPhysicalIndex
Extra data Subtitle / all Type related required SetExtraData GetExtraData
RFC 5646 language code all no SetLanguage GetLanguage
FPS scale Video Type related required SetFpsScale GetFpsScale
FPS rate Video Type related required SetFpsRate GetFpsRate
Height Video Type related required SetHeight GetHeight
Width Video Type related required SetWidth GetWidth
Aspect Video Type related required SetAspect GetAspect
Channel quantity Audio Type related required SetChannels GetChannels
Sample rate Audio Type related required SetSampleRate GetSampleRate
Bit rate Audio Type related required SetBitRate GetBitRate
Bits per sample Audio Type related required SetBitsPerSample GetBitsPerSample
Block align no SetBlockAlign GetBlockAlign
Crypto session info no SetCryptoSession GetCryptoSession
Four CC code no SetCodecFourCC GetCodecFourCC
Color space no SetColorSpace GetColorSpace
Color range no SetColorRange GetColorRange
Color primaries no SetColorPrimaries GetColorPrimaries
Color transfer characteristic no SetColorTransferCharacteristic GetColorTransferCharacteristic
Mastering metadata no SetMasteringMetadata GetMasteringMetadata
Content light metadata no SetContentLightMetadata GetContentLightMetadata