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Subclass - ControlGroup

Used to group controls together.. More...


class  XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::ControlGroup

Detailed Description

Used to group controls together..

Class: ControlGroup(x, y, width, height)

The group control is one of the most important controls. It allows you to group controls together, applying attributes to all of them at once. It also remembers the last navigated button in the group, so you can set the <onup> of a control to a group of controls to have it always go back to the one you were at before. It also allows you to position controls more accurately relative to each other, as any controls within a group take their coordinates from the group's top left corner (or from elsewhere if you use the "r" attribute). You can have as many groups as you like within the skin, and groups within groups are handled with no issues.

This class include also all calls from Control
xinteger - x coordinate of control.
yinteger - y coordinate of control.
widthinteger - width of control.
heightinteger - height of control.


self.group = xbmcgui.ControlGroup(100, 250, 125, 75)