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@ingroup cpp_kodi_addon_peripheral_Defs_Joystick_Joystick

The following table contains values that can be set with class Joystick :

Name Type Class Set call Get call
Joystick provider const std::string& Joystick SetProvider Provider
Joystick requested port int Joystick SetRequestedPort RequestedPort
Joystick button count unsigned int Joystick SetButtonCount ButtonCount
Joystick hat count unsigned int Joystick SetHatCount HatCount
Joystick axis count unsigned int Joystick SetAxisCount AxisCount
Joystick motor count unsigned int Joystick SetMotorCount MotorCount
Joystick support power off bool Joystick SetSupportsPowerOff SupportsPowerOff
Peripheral type PERIPHERAL_TYPE Peripheral SetType Type
Peripheral name const std::string& Peripheral SetName Name
Peripheral vendor id uint16_t Peripheral SetVendorID VendorID
Peripheral product id uint16_t Peripheral SetProductID ProductID
Peripheral index unsigned int Peripheral SetIndex Index

Further are following included: