Kodi Documentation 22.0
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The following table contains values that can be set with class PVRTimer :

Name Type Set call Get call Usage
Client index unsigned int SetClientIndex GetClientIndex required to set
State PVR_TIMER_STATE SetState GetState required to set
Type unsigned int SetTimerType GetTimerType required to set
Title std::string SetTitle GetTitle required to set
Parent client index unsigned int SetParentClientIndex GetParentClientIndex optional
Client channel unique identifier int SetClientChannelUid GetClientChannelUid optional
Start time time_t SetStartTime GetStartTime optional
End time time_t SetEndTime GetEndTime optional
Start any time bool SetStartAnyTime GetStartAnyTime optional
End any time bool SetEndAnyTime GetEndAnyTime optional
EPG search string std::string SetEPGSearchString GetEPGSearchString optional
Full text EPG search bool SetFullTextEpgSearch GetFullTextEpgSearch optional
Recording store directory std::string SetDirectory GetDirectory optional
Timer priority int SetPriority GetPriority optional
Timer lifetime int SetLifetime GetLifetime optional
Max recordings int SetMaxRecordings GetMaxRecordings optional
Recording group unsigned int SetRecordingGroup GetRecordingGroup optional
First start day time_t SetFirstDay GetFirstDay optional
Used timer weekdays unsigned int SetWeekdays GetWeekdays optional
Prevent duplicate episodes unsigned int SetPreventDuplicateEpisodes GetPreventDuplicateEpisodes optional
EPG unique identifier unsigned int SetEPGUid GetEPGUid optional
Margin start unsigned int SetMarginStart GetMarginStart optional
Margin end unsigned int SetMarginEnd GetMarginEnd optional
Genre type int SetGenreType GetGenreType optional
Genre sub type int SetGenreSubType GetGenreSubType optional
Series link std::string SetSeriesLink GetSeriesLink optional