Kodi Documentation 22.0
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The following table contains values that can be set with class AudioEncoderInfoTag :

Name Type Set call Get call
Title std::string SetTitle GetTitle
Artist std::string SetArtist GetArtist
Album std::string SetAlbum GetAlbum
Album artist std::string SetAlbumArtist GetAlbumArtist
Media type std::string SetMediaType GetMediaType
Genre std::string SetGenre GetGenre
Duration int SetDuration GetDuration
Track number int SetTrack GetTrack
Disc number int SetDisc GetDisc
Disc subtitle name std::string SetDiscSubtitle GetDiscSubtitle
Disc total amount int SetDiscTotal GetDiscTotal
Release date std::string SetReleaseDate GetReleaseDate
Lyrics std::string SetLyrics GetLyrics
Samplerate int SetSamplerate GetSamplerate
Channels amount int SetChannels GetChannels
Bits per sample int SetBitsPerSample GetBitsPerSample
Track length int SetTrackLength GetTrackLength
Comment text std::string SetComment GetComment