Kodi Documentation 22.0
Kodi is an open source media player and entertainment hub.
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C++ Binary Add-On Development



 CMake addon creation structure
 CMake help macros to create addon for Kodi
 Interface - kodi
 General addon interface functions
 Interface - kodi::addon
 Addon type interface functions and classes
 Interface - kodi::gui
 Graphical functions for Windows and Dialogs to show
Offers classes and functions that manipulate the Graphical User Interface through windows, dialogs, and various control widgets.
 Interface - kodi::platform
 Platform specific functions
This group contains OS platform specific functions with which Kodi is accessed.
 Interface - kodi::tools
 Helper tools and functions
This group includes things that only work indirectly with Kodi.
 Interface - kodi::audioengine
 Audio engine functions
This interface contains auxiliary functions and classes which allow an addon to play their own individual audio stream in Kodi.
 Interface - kodi::vfs
 Virtual filesystem functions
Offers classes and functions for access to the Virtual File Server (VFS) which you can use to manipulate files and folders.
 Interface - kodi::network
 Network functions
The network module offers functions that allow you to control it.

Detailed Description

C++ Binary Add-On Development

Kodi allows the use of C++ addons to expand their possibilities. This gives you many options to expand it quickly and easily with new features.

Here is a table of the types currently possible:

Type Class Description
Audio decoder kodi::addon::CInstanceAudioDecoder For audio decoders as binary add-ons. This class implements a way to handle special types of audio files.
Audio encoder kodi::addon::CInstanceAudioEncoder To convert audio data, such as a CD, to a new format and create files for this.
Game engine kodi::addon::CInstanceGame This is to provide support for games in the system.
Image decoder kodi::addon::CInstanceImageDecoder This instance type is used to allow Kodi various additional image format types.
Inputstream kodi::addon::CInstanceInputStream To process special video and/or audio streams. This allows addons to support newer species in Kodi.
Peripheral kodi::addon::CInstancePeripheral Made to have Kodi controllable with new and different ways, such as Joystick.
Screensaver kodi::addon::CInstanceScreensaver A screensaver is a Kodi addon that fills the screen with moving images or patterns when the computer is not in use.
PVR (TV / radio handling) kodi::addon::CInstancePVRClient Used to provide Kodi with various sources for TV and radio streams.
VFS (Virtual filesystem support) kodi::addon::CInstanceVFS This instance type is used to allow Kodi various additional file system types.
Video codec kodi::addon::CInstanceVideoCodec Used to decode special video formats and make them usable for playback.
This can only be used in connection with kodi::addon::CInstanceInputStream.
Visualization kodi::addon::CInstanceVisualization Music visualization is a feature in Kodi that generates animated imagery based on a piece of music.