Kodi Documentation 22.0
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The following table contains values that can be set with class PVRRecording :

Name Type Set call Get call Usage
Recording id std::string SetRecordingId GetRecordingId required to set
Title std::string SetTitle GetTitle required to set
Episode name std::string SetEpisodeName GetEpisodeName optional
Series number int SetSeriesNumber GetSeriesNumber optional
Episode number int SetEpisodeNumber GetEpisodeNumber optional
Year int SetYear GetYear optional
Directory std::string SetDirectory GetDirectory optional
Plot outline std::string SetPlotOutline GetPlotOutline optional
Plot std::string SetPlot GetPlot optional
Genre description std::string SetGenreDescription GetGenreDescription optional
Channel name std::string SetChannelName GetChannelName optional
Icon path std::string SetIconPath GetIconPath optional
Thumbnail path std::string SetThumbnailPath GetThumbnailPath optional
Fanart path std::string SetFanartPath GetFanartPath optional
Recording time time_t SetRecordingTime GetRecordingTime optional
Duration int SetDuration GetDuration optional
Priority int SetPriority GetPriority optional
Lifetime int SetLifetime GetLifetime optional
Genre type int SetGenreType GetGenreType optional
Genre sub type int SetGenreSubType GetGenreSubType optional
Play count int SetPlayCount GetPlayCount optional
Last played position int SetLastPlayedPosition GetLastPlayedPosition optional
Is deleted bool SetIsDeleted GetIsDeleted optional
EPG event id unsigned int SetEPGEventId GetEPGEventId optional
Channel unique id int SetChannelUid GetChannelUid optional
Channel type PVR_RECORDING_CHANNEL_TYPE SetChannelType GetChannelType optional
First aired std::string SetFirstAired GetFirstAired optional
Flags std::string SetFlags GetFlags optional
Size in bytes std::string SetSizeInBytes GetSizeInBytes optional
Client provider unique identifier int SetClientProviderUid GetClientProviderUid optional
Provider name std::string SetProviderlName GetProviderName optional