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@ingroup cpp_kodi_addon_pvr_Defs_Stream_PVRStreamProperties

The following table contains values that can be set with class PVRStreamProperties :

Name Type Set call Get call
PID unsigned int SetPID GetPID
Codec type PVR_CODEC_TYPE SetCodecType GetCodecType
Codec identifier unsigned int SetCodecId GetCodecId
Language std::string SetLanguage GetLanguage
Subtitle info int SetSubtitleInfo GetSubtitleInfo
FPS scale int SetFPSScale GetFPSScale
FPS rate int SetFPSRate GetFPSRate
Height int SetHeight GetHeight
Width int SetWidth GetWidth
Aspect ratio float SetAspect GetAspect
Channels int SetChannels GetChannels
Samplerate int SetSampleRate GetSampleRate
Block align int SetBlockAlign GetBlockAlign
Bit rate int SetBitRate GetBitRate
Bits per sample int SetBitsPerSample GetBitsPerSample