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KODI::JOYSTICK::CAccelerometer Class Reference

#include <FeatureHandling.h>

Inheritance diagram for KODI::JOYSTICK::CAccelerometer:

Public Member Functions

 CAccelerometer (const FeatureName &name, IInputHandler *handler, IButtonMap *buttonMap)
 ~CAccelerometer () override=default
bool OnDigitalMotion (const CDriverPrimitive &source, bool bPressed) override
 A digital motion has occurred.
bool OnAnalogMotion (const CDriverPrimitive &source, float magnitude) override
 An analog motion has occurred.
void ProcessMotions () override
 Process the motions that have occurred since the last invocation.
- Public Member Functions inherited from KODI::JOYSTICK::CJoystickFeature
 CJoystickFeature (const FeatureName &name, IInputHandler *handler, IButtonMap *buttonMap)
virtual ~CJoystickFeature ()=default
bool AcceptsInput (bool bActivation)
 Check if the input handler is accepting input.

Protected Attributes

CFeatureAxis m_xAxis
CFeatureAxis m_yAxis
CFeatureAxis m_zAxis
float m_xAxisState = 0.0f
float m_yAxisState = 0.0f
float m_zAxisState = 0.0f
- Protected Attributes inherited from KODI::JOYSTICK::CJoystickFeature
const FeatureName m_name
IInputHandler *const m_handler
IButtonMap *const m_buttonMap
const bool m_bEnabled

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from KODI::JOYSTICK::CJoystickFeature
void ResetMotion ()
 Reset motion timer.
void StartMotion ()
 Start the motion timer.
bool InMotion () const
 Check if the feature is in motion.
unsigned int MotionTimeMs () const
 Get the time for which the feature has been in motion.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CAccelerometer()

CAccelerometer::CAccelerometer ( const FeatureName & name,
IInputHandler * handler,
IButtonMap * buttonMap )

◆ ~CAccelerometer()

KODI::JOYSTICK::CAccelerometer::~CAccelerometer ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnAnalogMotion()

bool CAccelerometer::OnAnalogMotion ( const CDriverPrimitive & source,
float magnitude )

An analog motion has occurred.

sourceThe source of the motion. Must be a semiaxis
magnitudeThe magnitude of the press or motion in the interval [0.0, 1.0]

For semiaxes, the magnitude is the force or travel distance in the direction of the semiaxis. If the value is in the opposite direction, the magnitude is 0.0.

For example, if the analog stick goes left, the negative semiaxis will have a value of 1.0 and the positive semiaxis will have a value of 0.0.

Implements KODI::JOYSTICK::CJoystickFeature.

◆ OnDigitalMotion()

bool CAccelerometer::OnDigitalMotion ( const CDriverPrimitive & source,
bool bPressed )

A digital motion has occurred.

sourceThe source of the motion. Must be digital (button or hat)
bPressedTrue for press motion, false for release motion
true if the motion was handled, false otherwise

Implements KODI::JOYSTICK::CJoystickFeature.

◆ ProcessMotions()

void CAccelerometer::ProcessMotions ( )

Process the motions that have occurred since the last invocation.

This allows features with motion on multiple driver primitives to call their handler once all driver primitives are accounted for.

Implements KODI::JOYSTICK::CJoystickFeature.

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_xAxis

CFeatureAxis KODI::JOYSTICK::CAccelerometer::m_xAxis

◆ m_xAxisState

float KODI::JOYSTICK::CAccelerometer::m_xAxisState = 0.0f

◆ m_yAxis

CFeatureAxis KODI::JOYSTICK::CAccelerometer::m_yAxis

◆ m_yAxisState

float KODI::JOYSTICK::CAccelerometer::m_yAxisState = 0.0f

◆ m_zAxis

CFeatureAxis KODI::JOYSTICK::CAccelerometer::m_zAxis

◆ m_zAxisState

float KODI::JOYSTICK::CAccelerometer::m_zAxisState = 0.0f

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