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KODI::JOYSTICK::CPrimitiveDetector Class Reference

Detects and dispatches mapping events. More...

#include <ButtonMapping.h>

Inheritance diagram for KODI::JOYSTICK::CPrimitiveDetector:
KODI::JOYSTICK::CAxisDetector KODI::JOYSTICK::CButtonDetector KODI::JOYSTICK::CHatDetector KODI::JOYSTICK::CKeyDetector KODI::JOYSTICK::CMouseButtonDetector KODI::JOYSTICK::CPointerDetector

Protected Member Functions

 CPrimitiveDetector (CButtonMapping *buttonMapping)
bool MapPrimitive (const CDriverPrimitive &primitive)
 Dispatch a mapping event.

Detailed Description

Detects and dispatches mapping events.

A mapping event usually occurs when a driver primitive is pressed or exceeds a certain threshold.

Detection can be quite complicated due to driver bugs, so each type of driver primitive is given its own detector class inheriting from this one.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CPrimitiveDetector()

CPrimitiveDetector::CPrimitiveDetector ( CButtonMapping * buttonMapping)

Member Function Documentation

◆ MapPrimitive()

bool CPrimitiveDetector::MapPrimitive ( const CDriverPrimitive & primitive)

Dispatch a mapping event.

True if the primitive was mapped, false otherwise

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