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#include <Inputstream.h>

Inheritance diagram for kodi::addon::InputstreamInfo:
kodi::addon::CStructHdl< InputstreamInfo, INPUTSTREAM_INFO >

Public Member Functions

void SetStreamType (INPUTSTREAM_TYPE streamType)
 Set the wanted stream type.
INPUTSTREAM_TYPE GetStreamType () const
 To get with SetStreamType changed values.
void SetFeatures (uint32_t features)
 Set special supported feature flags of inputstream.
uint32_t GetFeatures () const
 To get with SetFeatures changed values.
void SetFlags (uint32_t flags)
 Set supported flags of inputstream.
uint32_t GetFlags () const
 To get with SetFeatures changed values.
void SetName (const std::string &name)
 (optional) Name of the stream, leave empty for default handling.
std::string GetName () const
 To get with SetName changed values.
void SetCodecName (const std::string &codecName)
 (required) Name of codec according to ffmpeg.
std::string GetCodecName () const
 To get with SetCodecName changed values.
void SetCodecInternalName (const std::string &codecName)
 (optional) Internal name of codec (selectionstream info).
std::string GetCodecInternalName () const
 To get with SetCodecInternalName changed values.
void SetCodecProfile (STREAMCODEC_PROFILE codecProfile)
 (optional) The profile of the codec.
STREAMCODEC_PROFILE GetCodecProfile () const
 To get with SetCodecProfile changed values.
void SetPhysicalIndex (unsigned int id)
 (required) Physical index.
unsigned int GetPhysicalIndex () const
 To get with SetPhysicalIndex changed values.
void SetExtraData (const std::vector< uint8_t > &extraData)
 Additional data where can needed on streams.
void SetExtraData (const uint8_t *extraData, size_t extraSize)
 Additional data where can needed on streams.
const std::vector< uint8_t > & GetExtraData ()
 To get with SetExtraData changed values.
size_t GetExtraDataSize ()
 To get size with SetExtraData changed values.
bool CompareExtraData (const uint8_t *extraData, size_t extraSize) const
 Compare extra data from outside with class.
void ClearExtraData ()
 Clear additional data.
void SetLanguage (const std::string &language)
 RFC 5646 language code (empty string if undefined).
std::string GetLanguage () const
 To get with SetLanguage changed values.
void SetFpsScale (unsigned int fpsScale)
 Scale of 1000 and a rate of 29970 will result in 29.97 fps.
unsigned int GetFpsScale () const
 To get with SetFpsScale changed values.
void SetFpsRate (unsigned int fpsRate)
 Rate to use for stream.
unsigned int GetFpsRate () const
 To get with SetFpsRate changed values.
void SetHeight (unsigned int height)
 Height of the stream reported by the demuxer.
unsigned int GetHeight () const
 To get with SetHeight changed values.
void SetWidth (unsigned int width)
 Width of the stream reported by the demuxer.
unsigned int GetWidth () const
 To get with SetWidth changed values.
void SetAspect (float aspect)
 Display aspect of stream.
float GetAspect () const
 To get with SetAspect changed values.
void SetChannels (unsigned int channels)
 (required) Amount of channels.
unsigned int GetChannels () const
 To get with SetChannels changed values.
void SetSampleRate (unsigned int sampleRate)
 (required) Sample rate.
unsigned int GetSampleRate () const
 To get with SetSampleRate changed values.
void SetBitRate (unsigned int bitRate)
 Bit rate.
unsigned int GetBitRate () const
 To get with SetBitRate changed values.
void SetBitsPerSample (unsigned int bitsPerSample)
 (required) Bits per sample.
unsigned int GetBitsPerSample () const
 To get with SetBitsPerSample changed values.
void SetBlockAlign (unsigned int blockAlign)
 To set the necessary stream block alignment size.
unsigned int GetBlockAlign () const
 To get with SetBlockAlign changed values.
void SetCryptoSession (const kodi::addon::StreamCryptoSession &cryptoSession)
 To set stream crypto session information.
const kodi::addon::StreamCryptoSessionGetCryptoSession () const
 To get with GetCryptoSession changed values.
void SetCodecFourCC (unsigned int codecFourCC)
 Codec If available, the fourcc code codec.
unsigned int GetCodecFourCC () const
 To get with SetCodecFourCC changed values.
void SetColorSpace (INPUTSTREAM_COLORSPACE colorSpace)
 Definition of colorspace.
 To get with SetColorSpace changed values.
void SetColorRange (INPUTSTREAM_COLORRANGE colorRange)
 Color range if available.
 To get with SetColorRange changed values.
void SetColorPrimaries (INPUTSTREAM_COLORPRIMARIES colorPrimaries)
 Chromaticity coordinates of the source primaries. These values match the ones defined by ISO/IEC 23001-8_2013 § 7.1.
 To get with SetColorPrimaries changed values.
void SetColorTransferCharacteristic (INPUTSTREAM_COLORTRC colorTransferCharacteristic)
 Color Transfer Characteristic. These values match the ones defined by ISO/IEC 23001-8_2013 § 7.2.
INPUTSTREAM_COLORTRC GetColorTransferCharacteristic () const
 To get with SetColorTransferCharacteristic changed values.
void SetMasteringMetadata (const kodi::addon::InputstreamMasteringMetadata &masteringMetadata)
 Mastering static Metadata.
const kodi::addon::InputstreamMasteringMetadataGetMasteringMetadata () const
 To get with SetMasteringMetadata changed values.
void ClearMasteringMetadata ()
 Clear mastering static Metadata.
void SetContentLightMetadata (const kodi::addon::InputstreamContentlightMetadata &contentLightMetadata)
 Content light static Metadata.
const kodi::addon::InputstreamContentlightMetadataGetContentLightMetadata () const
 To get with SetContentLightMetadata changed values.
void ClearContentLightMetadata ()
 Clear content light static Metadata.
- Public Member Functions inherited from kodi::addon::CStructHdl< InputstreamInfo, INPUTSTREAM_INFO >
 CStructHdl ()
 CStructHdl (const InputstreamInfo &cppClass)
 CStructHdl (const INPUTSTREAM_INFO *cStructure)
 CStructHdl (INPUTSTREAM_INFO *cStructure)
const CStructHdloperator= (const CStructHdl &right)
const CStructHdloperator= (const INPUTSTREAM_INFO &right)
virtual ~CStructHdl ()
 operator INPUTSTREAM_INFO * ()
 operator const INPUTSTREAM_INFO * () const
const INPUTSTREAM_INFOGetCStructure () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from kodi::addon::CStructHdl< InputstreamInfo, INPUTSTREAM_INFO >

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