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#include <Timers.h>

Inheritance diagram for kodi::addon::PVRTimer:
kodi::addon::CStructHdl< PVRTimer, PVR_TIMER >

Public Member Functions

void SetClientIndex (unsigned int clientIndex)
The index of this timer given by the client.
unsigned int GetClientIndex () const
 To get with SetClientIndex changed values.
void SetState (PVR_TIMER_STATE state)
The state of this timer.
PVR_TIMER_STATE GetState () const
 To get with SetState changed values.
void SetTimerType (unsigned int timerType)
The type of this timer.
unsigned int GetTimerType () const
 To get with SetTimerType changed values.
void SetTitle (const std::string &title)
A title for this timer.
std::string GetTitle () const
 To get with SetTitle changed values.
void SetParentClientIndex (unsigned int parentClientIndex)
For timers scheduled by a repeating timer.
unsigned int GetParentClientIndex () const
 To get with SetParentClientIndex changed values.
void SetClientChannelUid (int clientChannelUid)
Unique identifier of the channel to record on.
int GetClientChannelUid () const
 To get with SetClientChannelUid changed values.
void SetStartTime (time_t startTime)
Start time of the recording in UTC.
time_t GetStartTime () const
 To get with SetStartTime changed values.
void SetEndTime (time_t endTime)
End time of the recording in UTC.
time_t GetEndTime () const
 To get with SetEndTime changed values.
void SetStartAnyTime (bool startAnyTime)
For EPG based (not Manual) timers indicates startTime does not apply.
bool GetStartAnyTime () const
 To get with SetStartAnyTime changed values.
void SetEndAnyTime (bool endAnyTime)
For EPG based (not Manual) timers indicates endTime does not apply.
bool GetEndAnyTime () const
 To get with SetEndAnyTime changed values.
void SetEPGSearchString (const std::string &epgSearchString)
A string used to search epg data for repeating epg-based timers.
std::string GetEPGSearchString () const
 To get with SetEPGSearchString changed values.
void SetFullTextEpgSearch (bool fullTextEpgSearch)
Indicates, whether SetEPGSearchString() is to match against the epg episode title only or also against "other" epg data (backend-dependent).
bool GetFullTextEpgSearch () const
 To get with SetFullTextEpgSearch changed values.
void SetDirectory (const std::string &directory)
The (relative) directory where the recording will be stored in.
std::string GetDirectory () const
 To get with SetDirectory changed values.
void SetSummary (const std::string &summary)
The summary for this timer.
std::string GetSummary () const
 To get with SetDirectory changed values.
void SetPriority (int priority)
The priority of this timer.
int GetPriority () const
 To get with SetPriority changed values.
void SetLifetime (int priority)
Lifetime of recordings created by this timer.
int GetLifetime () const
 To get with SetLifetime changed values.
void SetMaxRecordings (int maxRecordings)
Maximum number of recordings this timer shall create.
int GetMaxRecordings () const
 To get with SetMaxRecordings changed values.
void SetRecordingGroup (unsigned int recordingGroup)
Integer ref to addon/backend defined list of recording groups.
unsigned int GetRecordingGroup () const
 To get with SetRecordingGroup changed values.
void SetFirstDay (time_t firstDay)
The first day this timer is active, for repeating timers.
time_t GetFirstDay () const
 To get with SetFirstDay changed values.
void SetWeekdays (unsigned int weekdays)
Week days, for repeating timers (see PVR_WEEKDAY_* constant values)
unsigned int GetWeekdays () const
 To get with SetFirstDay changed values.
void SetPreventDuplicateEpisodes (unsigned int preventDuplicateEpisodes)
Prevent duplicate episodes.
unsigned int GetPreventDuplicateEpisodes () const
 To get with SetPreventDuplicateEpisodes changed values.
void SetEPGUid (unsigned int epgUid)
EPG event id associated with this timer. Event ids must be unique for a channel.
unsigned int GetEPGUid () const
 To get with SetEPGUid changed values.
void SetMarginStart (unsigned int marginStart)
If set, the backend starts the recording selected minutes before SetStartTime.
unsigned int GetMarginStart () const
 To get with SetMarginStart changed values.
void SetMarginEnd (unsigned int marginEnd)
If set, the backend ends the recording selected minutes after SetEndTime.
unsigned int GetMarginEnd () const
 To get with SetMarginEnd changed values.
void SetGenreType (int genreType)
Genre type.
int GetGenreType () const
 To get with SetGenreType changed values.
void SetGenreSubType (int genreSubType)
Genre sub type.
int GetGenreSubType () const
 To get with SetGenreType changed values.
void SetSeriesLink (const std::string &seriesLink)
Series link for this timer.
std::string GetSeriesLink () const
 To get with SetSeriesLink changed values.
- Public Member Functions inherited from kodi::addon::CStructHdl< PVRTimer, PVR_TIMER >
 CStructHdl ()
 CStructHdl (const PVRTimer &cppClass)
 CStructHdl (const PVR_TIMER *cStructure)
 CStructHdl (PVR_TIMER *cStructure)
const CStructHdloperator= (const CStructHdl &right)
const CStructHdloperator= (const PVR_TIMER &right)
virtual ~CStructHdl ()
 operator PVR_TIMER * ()
 operator const PVR_TIMER * () const
const PVR_TIMERGetCStructure () const


class CInstancePVRClient

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friend class CInstancePVRClient

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