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XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Action Class Reference

Action class. More...

#include <Window.h>

Inheritance diagram for XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Action:

Public Member Functions

 Action ()=default
 Action (const CAction &caction)
void setFromCAction (const CAction &caction)
 getId ()

Function: getId()

To get Action Id's
 getButtonCode ()

Function: getButtonCode()

Returns the button code for this action.
 getAmount1 ()

Function: getAmount1()

Returns the first amount of force applied to the thumbstick.
 getAmount2 ()

Function: getAmount2()

Returns the second amount of force applied to the thumbstick.
- Public Member Functions inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass
 AddonClass ()
virtual ~AddonClass ()
const char * GetClassname () const
LanguageHookGetLanguageHook ()
bool isDeallocating ()
void Release () const
void Acquire () const

Public Attributes

long id = -1
float fAmount1 = 0.0f
float fAmount2 = 0.0f
float fRepeat = 0.0f
unsigned long buttonCode = 0
std::string strAction
AddonClass::Ref< Controlcontrol

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass
static short getNumAddonClasses ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass
virtual void deallocating ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass
static short getNextClassIndex ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass

Detailed Description

Action class.

Class: xbmcgui.Action():

This class serves in addition to identify carried out Action Id's of Kodi and to be able to carry out thereby own necessary steps.

The data of this class are always transmitted by callback Window::onAction at a window.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Action() [1/2]

XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Action::Action ( )

◆ Action() [2/2]

XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Action::Action ( const CAction & caction)

Member Function Documentation

◆ setFromCAction()

void XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Action::setFromCAction ( const CAction & caction)

Member Data Documentation

◆ buttonCode

unsigned long XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Action::buttonCode = 0

◆ control

AddonClass::Ref<Control> XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Action::control

◆ fAmount1

float XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Action::fAmount1 = 0.0f

◆ fAmount2

float XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Action::fAmount2 = 0.0f

◆ fRepeat

float XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Action::fRepeat = 0.0f

◆ id

long XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Action::id = -1

◆ strAction

std::string XBMCAddon::xbmcgui::Action::strAction

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