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KODI::MOUSE::IMouseInputProvider Class Referenceabstract

Interface for classes that can provide mouse input. More...

#include <IMouseInputProvider.h>

Inheritance diagram for KODI::MOUSE::IMouseInputProvider:
PERIPHERALS::CPeripheral PERIPHERALS::CPeripheralBluetooth PERIPHERALS::CPeripheralCecAdapter PERIPHERALS::CPeripheralDisk PERIPHERALS::CPeripheralHID PERIPHERALS::CPeripheralJoystick PERIPHERALS::CPeripheralKeyboard PERIPHERALS::CPeripheralMouse PERIPHERALS::CPeripheralNIC PERIPHERALS::CPeripheralTuner

Public Member Functions

virtual ~IMouseInputProvider ()=default
virtual void RegisterMouseHandler (IMouseInputHandler *handler, bool bPromiscuous, bool forceDefaultMap)=0
 Registers a handler to be called on mouse input.
virtual void UnregisterMouseHandler (IMouseInputHandler *handler)=0
 Unregisters handler from mouse input.

Detailed Description

Interface for classes that can provide mouse input.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IMouseInputProvider()

virtual KODI::MOUSE::IMouseInputProvider::~IMouseInputProvider ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ RegisterMouseHandler()

virtual void KODI::MOUSE::IMouseInputProvider::RegisterMouseHandler ( IMouseInputHandler * handler,
bool bPromiscuous,
bool forceDefaultMap )
pure virtual

Registers a handler to be called on mouse input.

handlerThe handler to receive mouse input provided by this class
bPromiscuousTrue to observe all events without affecting subsequent handlers
forceDefaultMapAlways use the default keyboard buttonmap, avoiding buttonmaps provided by add-ons

Implemented in PERIPHERALS::CPeripheral.

◆ UnregisterMouseHandler()

virtual void KODI::MOUSE::IMouseInputProvider::UnregisterMouseHandler ( IMouseInputHandler * handler)
pure virtual

Unregisters handler from mouse input.

handlerThe handler that was receiving mouse input

Implemented in PERIPHERALS::CPeripheral.

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