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#include <Stream.h>

Inheritance diagram for kodi::addon::PVRStreamProperties:
kodi::addon::CStructHdl< PVRStreamProperties, PVR_STREAM_PROPERTIES::PVR_STREAM >

Public Member Functions

void SetPID (unsigned int pid)
unsigned int GetPID () const
 To get with SetPID() changed values.
void SetCodecType (PVR_CODEC_TYPE codecType)
 Codec type this stream.
PVR_CODEC_TYPE GetCodecType () const
 To get with SetCodecType() changed values.
void SetCodecId (unsigned int codecId)
 Codec id of this stream.
unsigned int GetCodecId () const
 To get with SetCodecId() changed values.
void SetLanguage (const std::string &language)
 3 letter language id.
std::string GetLanguage () const
 To get with SetLanguage() changed values.
void SetSubtitleInfo (int subtitleInfo)
 Subtitle Info.
int GetSubtitleInfo () const
 To get with SetSubtitleInfo() changed values.
void SetFPSScale (int fpsScale)
 To set scale of 1000 and a rate of 29970 will result in 29.97 fps.
int GetFPSScale () const
 To get with SetFPSScale() changed values.
void SetFPSRate (int fpsRate)
 FPS rate.
int GetFPSRate () const
 To get with SetFPSRate() changed values.
void SetHeight (int height)
 Height of the stream reported by the demuxer.
int GetHeight () const
 To get with SetHeight() changed values.
void SetWidth (int width)
 Width of the stream reported by the demuxer.
int GetWidth () const
 To get with SetWidth() changed values.
void SetAspect (float aspect)
 Display aspect ratio of the stream.
float GetAspect () const
 To get with SetAspect() changed values.
void SetChannels (int channels)
 Amount of channels.
int GetChannels () const
 To get with SetChannels() changed values.
void SetSampleRate (int sampleRate)
 Sample rate.
int GetSampleRate () const
 To get with SetSampleRate() changed values.
void SetBlockAlign (int blockAlign)
 Block alignment.
int GetBlockAlign () const
 To get with SetBlockAlign() changed values.
void SetBitRate (int bitRate)
 Bit rate.
int GetBitRate () const
 To get with SetBitRate() changed values.
void SetBitsPerSample (int bitsPerSample)
 Bits per sample.
int GetBitsPerSample () const
 To get with SetBitsPerSample() changed values.
- Public Member Functions inherited from kodi::addon::CStructHdl< PVRStreamProperties, PVR_STREAM_PROPERTIES::PVR_STREAM >
 CStructHdl ()
 CStructHdl (const PVRStreamProperties &cppClass)
 CStructHdl (const PVR_STREAM_PROPERTIES::PVR_STREAM *cStructure)
const CStructHdloperator= (const CStructHdl &right)
const CStructHdloperator= (const PVR_STREAM_PROPERTIES::PVR_STREAM &right)
virtual ~CStructHdl ()
 operator const PVR_STREAM_PROPERTIES::PVR_STREAM * () const


class CInstancePVRClient

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from kodi::addon::CStructHdl< PVRStreamProperties, PVR_STREAM_PROPERTIES::PVR_STREAM >

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friend class CInstancePVRClient

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