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#include <VideoCodec.h>

Inheritance diagram for kodi::addon::VideoCodecInitdata:
kodi::addon::CStructHdl< VideoCodecInitdata, VIDEOCODEC_INITDATA >

Public Member Functions

VIDEOCODEC_TYPE GetCodecType () const
 The codec type required by Kodi to process the stream.
STREAMCODEC_PROFILE GetCodecProfile () const
 Used profiles for non-scalable 2D video.
std::vector< VIDEOCODEC_FORMATGetVideoFormats () const
 The video stream representations requested by Kodi.
uint32_t GetWidth () const
 Picture width.
uint32_t GetHeight () const
 Picture height.
const uint8_tGetExtraData () const
 Depending on the required decoding, additional data given by the stream.
unsigned int GetExtraDataSize () const
 Size of the data given with extraData.
kodi::addon::StreamCryptoSession GetCryptoSession () const
 Data to manage stream cryptography
To get class structure manages any encryption values required in order to have them available in their stream processing.
- Public Member Functions inherited from kodi::addon::CStructHdl< VideoCodecInitdata, VIDEOCODEC_INITDATA >
 CStructHdl ()
 CStructHdl (const VideoCodecInitdata &cppClass)
 CStructHdl (const VIDEOCODEC_INITDATA *cStructure)
 CStructHdl (VIDEOCODEC_INITDATA *cStructure)
const CStructHdloperator= (const CStructHdl &right)
const CStructHdloperator= (const VIDEOCODEC_INITDATA &right)
virtual ~CStructHdl ()
 operator const VIDEOCODEC_INITDATA * () const
const VIDEOCODEC_INITDATAGetCStructure () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from kodi::addon::CStructHdl< VideoCodecInitdata, VIDEOCODEC_INITDATA >

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