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#include <ChannelGroups.h>

Inheritance diagram for kodi::addon::PVRChannelGroup:
kodi::addon::CStructHdl< PVRChannelGroup, PVR_CHANNEL_GROUP >

Public Member Functions

void SetGroupName (const std::string &groupName)
Name of this channel group.
std::string GetGroupName () const
 To get with SetGroupName changed values.
void SetIsRadio (bool isRadio)
true If this is a radio channel group, false otherwise.
bool GetIsRadio () const
 To get with SetIsRadio changed values.
void SetPosition (unsigned int position)
Sort position of the group (0 indicates that the backend doesn't support sorting of groups).
unsigned int GetPosition () const
 To get with SetPosition changed values.
- Public Member Functions inherited from kodi::addon::CStructHdl< PVRChannelGroup, PVR_CHANNEL_GROUP >
 CStructHdl ()
 CStructHdl (const PVRChannelGroup &cppClass)
 CStructHdl (const PVR_CHANNEL_GROUP *cStructure)
 CStructHdl (PVR_CHANNEL_GROUP *cStructure)
const CStructHdloperator= (const CStructHdl &right)
const CStructHdloperator= (const PVR_CHANNEL_GROUP &right)
virtual ~CStructHdl ()
 operator PVR_CHANNEL_GROUP * ()
 operator const PVR_CHANNEL_GROUP * () const
const PVR_CHANNEL_GROUPGetCStructure () const


class CInstancePVRClient

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from kodi::addon::CStructHdl< PVRChannelGroup, PVR_CHANNEL_GROUP >

Friends And Related Symbol Documentation

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friend class CInstancePVRClient

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