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#include <PeripheralUtils.h>

Inheritance diagram for kodi::addon::Joystick:

Public Member Functions

 Joystick (const std::string &provider="", const std::string &strName="")
 Joystick (const Joystick &other)
 Class copy constructor.
 ~Joystick (void) override=default
Joystickoperator= (const Joystick &rhs)
 Copy data from another Joystick class to here.
bool operator== (const Joystick &rhs) const
 Comparison operator.
const std::string & Provider (void) const
 Get provider name.
int RequestedPort (void) const
 Get requested port number.
unsigned int ButtonCount (void) const
 Get button count.
unsigned int HatCount (void) const
 Get hat count.
unsigned int AxisCount (void) const
 Get axis count.
unsigned int MotorCount (void) const
 Get motor count.
bool SupportsPowerOff (void) const
 Get supports power off.
void SetProvider (const std::string &provider)
 Set provider name.
void SetRequestedPort (int requestedPort)
 Get requested port number.
void SetButtonCount (unsigned int buttonCount)
 Get button count.
void SetHatCount (unsigned int hatCount)
 Get hat count.
void SetAxisCount (unsigned int axisCount)
 Get axis count.
void SetMotorCount (unsigned int motorCount)
 Get motor count.
void SetSupportsPowerOff (bool supportsPowerOff)
 Get supports power off.
 Joystick (const JOYSTICK_INFO &info)
void ToStruct (JOYSTICK_INFO &info) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from kodi::addon::Peripheral
 Peripheral (PERIPHERAL_TYPE type=PERIPHERAL_TYPE_UNKNOWN, const std::string &strName="")
virtual ~Peripheral (void)=default
bool operator== (const Peripheral &rhs) const
 Comparison operator.
PERIPHERAL_TYPE Type (void) const
 Get peripheral type.
const std::string & Name (void) const
 Get peripheral name.
uint16_t VendorID (void) const
 Get peripheral vendor id.
uint16_t ProductID (void) const
 Get peripheral product id.
unsigned int Index (void) const
 Get peripheral index identifier.
bool IsVidPidKnown (void) const
 Check VID and PID are known.
void SetType (PERIPHERAL_TYPE type)
 Set peripheral type.
void SetName (const std::string &strName)
 Set peripheral name.
void SetVendorID (uint16_t vendorId)
 Set peripheral vendor id.
void SetProductID (uint16_t productId)
 Set peripheral product identifier.
void SetIndex (unsigned int index)
 Set peripheral index.
 Peripheral (const PERIPHERAL_INFO &info)
void ToStruct (PERIPHERAL_INFO &info) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void FreeStruct (JOYSTICK_INFO &info)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from kodi::addon::Peripheral
static void FreeStruct (PERIPHERAL_INFO &info)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ Joystick()

kodi::addon::Joystick::Joystick ( const JOYSTICK_INFO & info)

Member Function Documentation

◆ FreeStruct()

static void kodi::addon::Joystick::FreeStruct ( JOYSTICK_INFO & info)

◆ ToStruct()

void kodi::addon::Joystick::ToStruct ( JOYSTICK_INFO & info) const

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