Kodi Documentation 22.0
Kodi is an open source media player and entertainment hub.
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Numeric.h File Reference


namespace  kodi
namespace  kodi::gui
namespace  kodi::gui::dialogs
namespace  kodi::gui::dialogs::Numeric


bool ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::gui::dialogs::Numeric::ShowAndVerifyNewPassword (std::string &newPassword)
 Use dialog to get numeric new password.
int ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::gui::dialogs::Numeric::ShowAndVerifyPassword (const std::string &password, const std::string &heading, int retries)
 Use dialog to verify numeric password.
bool ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::gui::dialogs::Numeric::ShowAndVerifyInput (std::string &toVerify, const std::string &heading, bool verifyInput)
 Use dialog to verify numeric password.
bool ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::gui::dialogs::Numeric::ShowAndGetTime (tm &time, const std::string &heading)
 Use dialog to get time value.
bool ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::gui::dialogs::Numeric::ShowAndGetDate (tm &date, const std::string &heading)
 Use dialog to get date value.
bool ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::gui::dialogs::Numeric::ShowAndGetIPAddress (std::string &ipAddress, const std::string &heading)
 Use dialog to get a IP.
bool ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::gui::dialogs::Numeric::ShowAndGetNumber (std::string &input, const std::string &heading, unsigned int autoCloseTimeoutMs=0)
 Use dialog to get normal number.
bool ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::gui::dialogs::Numeric::ShowAndGetSeconds (std::string &time, const std::string &heading)
 Show numeric keypad to get seconds.