Kodi Documentation 22.0
Kodi is an open source media player and entertainment hub.
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kodi::gui Namespace Reference


namespace  controls
namespace  dialogs
namespace  gl


class  CAddonGUIControlBase
class  CListItem
struct  CRenderHelperStub
class  CWindow
struct  IRenderHelper


using CRenderHelper = CRenderHelperStub
using ClientHandle = KODI_GUI_CLIENT_HANDLE
 Handler for addon-sided processing class
If the callback functions used by the window are not used directly in the CWindow class and are outside of it.


void ATTR_DLL_LOCAL Lock ()
 Performs a graphical lock of rendering engine.
void ATTR_DLL_LOCAL Unlock ()
 Performs a graphical unlock of previous locked rendering engine.
int ATTR_DLL_LOCAL GetScreenHeight ()
 Return the the current screen height with pixel.
int ATTR_DLL_LOCAL GetScreenWidth ()
 Return the the current screen width with pixel.
int ATTR_DLL_LOCAL GetVideoResolution ()
 Return the the current screen rendering resolution.
int ATTR_DLL_LOCAL GetCurrentWindowDialogId ()
 Returns the id for the current 'active' dialog as an integer.
int ATTR_DLL_LOCAL GetCurrentWindowId ()
 Returns the id for the current 'active' window as an integer.
kodi::HardwareContext GetHWContext ()
 To get hardware specific device context interface.
AdjustRefreshRateStatus ATTR_DLL_LOCAL GetAdjustRefreshRateStatus ()
 Get Adjust refresh rate setting status.
std::shared_ptr< IRenderHelper > ATTR_DLL_LOCAL GetRenderHelper ()

Typedef Documentation

◆ CRenderHelper

Function Documentation

◆ GetRenderHelper()

std::shared_ptr< IRenderHelper > ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::gui::GetRenderHelper ( )