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AddonBase.h File Reference
#include "c-api/addon_base.h"
#include "versions.h"
#include <assert.h>
#include <stdarg.h>
#include "tools/StringUtils.h"
#include <cstdlib>
#include <cstring>
#include <ctime>
#include <memory>
#include <stdexcept>
#include <string>
#include <vector>


struct  kodi::addon::CPrivateBase
 Internal used structure to have stored C API data above and available for everything below. More...
class  kodi::addon::CStructHdl< CPP_CLASS, C_STRUCT >
class  kodi::addon::CSettingValue
class  kodi::addon::IInstanceInfo
class  kodi::addon::IAddonInstance
class  kodi::addon::CAddonBase


namespace  kodi
namespace  kodi::gui
namespace  kodi::addon


#define ADDONCREATOR(AddonClass)


using kodi::HardwareContext = ADDON_HARDWARE_CONTEXT


std::string ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::GetAddonPath (const std::string &append="")
 To get the addon system installation folder.
std::string ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::GetLibPath (const std::string &append="")
 This function gives OS associated executable binary path of the addon.
std::string ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::GetUserPath (const std::string &append="")
 To get the user-related folder of the addon.
std::string ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::GetTempPath (const std::string &append="")
 To get a temporary path for the addon.
std::string ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::GetLocalizedString (uint32_t labelId, const std::string &defaultStr="")
 Returns an addon's localized 'unicode string'.
bool ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::OpenSettings ()
 Opens this Add-Ons settings dialog.
bool ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::IsSettingUsingDefault (const std::string &settingName)
 Check the given setting name is set to default value.
bool ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::CheckSettingString (const std::string &settingName, std::string &settingValue)
 Check and get a string setting value.
std::string ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::GetSettingString (const std::string &settingName, const std::string &defaultValue="")
 Get string setting value.
void ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::SetSettingString (const std::string &settingName, const std::string &settingValue)
 Set string setting of addon.
bool ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::CheckSettingInt (const std::string &settingName, int &settingValue)
 Check and get a integer setting value.
int ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::GetSettingInt (const std::string &settingName, int defaultValue=0)
 Get integer setting value.
void ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::SetSettingInt (const std::string &settingName, int settingValue)
 Set integer setting of addon.
bool ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::CheckSettingBoolean (const std::string &settingName, bool &settingValue)
 Check and get a boolean setting value.
bool ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::GetSettingBoolean (const std::string &settingName, bool defaultValue=false)
 Get boolean setting value.
void ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::SetSettingBoolean (const std::string &settingName, bool settingValue)
 Set boolean setting of addon.
bool ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::CheckSettingFloat (const std::string &settingName, float &settingValue)
 Check and get a floating point setting value.
float ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::GetSettingFloat (const std::string &settingName, float defaultValue=0.0f)
 Get floating point setting value.
void ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::SetSettingFloat (const std::string &settingName, float settingValue)
 Set floating point setting of addon.
template<typename enumType >
bool ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::CheckSettingEnum (const std::string &settingName, enumType &settingValue)
 Check and get a enum setting value.
template<typename enumType >
enumType ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::GetSettingEnum (const std::string &settingName, enumType defaultValue=static_cast< enumType >(0))
 Get enum setting value.
template<typename enumType >
void ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::SetSettingEnum (const std::string &settingName, enumType settingValue)
 Set enum setting of addon.
std::string ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::GetAddonInfo (const std::string &id)
 Returns the value of an addon property as a string.
voidkodi::addon::GetInterface (const std::string &name, const std::string &version)
 Returns a function table to a named interface.
std::string ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::GetKodiTypeVersion (int type)
 To get used version inside Kodi itself about asked type.
std::string ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::addon::TranslateAddonStatus (ADDON_STATUS status)
 Get to related ADDON_STATUS a human readable text.
void ATTR_DLL_LOCAL kodi::Log (const ADDON_LOG loglevel, const char *format,...)
 Add a message to Kodi's log.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define ADDONCREATOR ( AddonClass)
{ \
using namespace kodi::addon; \
CPrivateBase::m_interface = static_cast<AddonGlobalInterface*>(addonInterface); \
CPrivateBase::m_interface->addonBase = new AddonClass; \
return static_cast<CAddonBase*>(CPrivateBase::m_interface->addonBase)->Create(); \
} \
extern "C" ATTR_DLL_EXPORT const char* ADDON_GetTypeVersion(int type) \
{ \
} \
extern "C" ATTR_DLL_EXPORT const char* ADDON_GetTypeMinVersion(int type) \
{ \
} \
Definition addon_base.h:85
Standard undefined pointer handle.
Definition addon_base.h:291
Definition kodi-dev-kit/include/kodi/AddonBase.h:583
Definition addon_base.h:138
Definition addons/kodi-dev-kit/include/kodi/addon-instance/AudioDecoder.h:23
const char * GetTypeVersion(int type)
Definition versions.h:267
const char * GetTypeMinVersion(int type)
Definition versions.h:359
Main structure passed from kodi to addon with basic information needed to create add-on.
Definition addon_base.h:379
Definition addon_base.h:386
static AddonGlobalInterface * m_interface
Definition kodi-dev-kit/include/kodi/AddonBase.h:75