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Edit control

Used as an input control for the osd keyboard and other input fields.

The edit control allows a user to input text in Kodi. You can choose the font, size, colour, location and header of the text to be displayed.


<control type="edit" id="1">
<description>My First edit control</description>
<hinttext>Enter search string</hinttext>
@ center
Definition cc_decoder708.h:78
const char const uint8_t size_t unsigned int * width
Definition kodi-dev-kit/include/kodi/c-api/addon-instance/imagedecoder.h:416
Definition modules_cpp_peripheral_lifetime_diagram_1.dox:147

Available tags

In addition to the Default Control Tags the following tags are available. Note that each tag is lower case only. This is important, as xml tags are case-sensitive.

Tag Description
aligny Can be top or center. Aligns the text within its given control <height>. Defaults to top
label Specifies the header text which should be shown. You should specify an entry from the strings.po here (either the Kodi strings.po or your skin's strings.po file), however you may also hardcode a piece of text also if you wish, though of course it will not be localized. You can use the full label formatting syntax and you may also specify more than one piece of information here by using the $INFO and $LOCALIZE formats.strings.po)
hinttext Specifies the text which should be displayed in the edit label control, until the user enters some text. It can be used to provide a clue as to what a user should enter in this control.
font Specifies the font to use from the font.xml file.
textcolor Specifies the color the text should be, in hex AARRGGBB format, or a name from the colour theme.
textwidth Will truncate any text that's too long.

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