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Ranges Control

Used to show multiple range blocks

The ranges control is used for showing multiple range UI elements on the same control. It is used in Kodi, for example, to show the intervals of a cutlist (EDL) or chapters in the video seekbar. You can choose the position, size and look and feel of the control.


<control type="ranges">
<texturebg border="3" colordiffuse="00FFFFFF">colors/white50.png</texturebg>
<midtexture colordiffuse="FFFF0000">colors/white.png</midtexture>

Available tags

In addition to the Default Control Tags the following tags are available. Note that each tag is lower case only. This is important, as xml tags are case-sensitive.

Tag Description
texturebg The background texture for the range control.
lefttexture The texture used in the left hand side of the range
midtexture The texture used for the mid section of the range
righttexture The texture used in the right hand side of the range

Specifies the information the range control holds. It expects an infolabel that returns a string in CSV format: e.g. "start1,end1,start2,end2,...". Tokens must have values in the range from 0.0 to 100.0. end token must be less or equal than start token. Examples of currently supported infolabels are Player.Editlist, Player.Cutlist, Player.Cuts, Player.Cutlist and Player.Chapters.

Player.Cutlist is deprecated use Player.Cuts instead.

Revision History

v19 Skinning engine changes
[Ranges Control] New control added.

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