Kodi Documentation 22.0
Kodi is an open source media player and entertainment hub.
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Group MultiImage Control

Used to show a slideshow of images.

The MultiImage control is used for displaying a slideshow of images from a folder in Kodi. You can choose the position and size of the slideshow, as well as timing information.


<control type="multiimage" id="1">
<description>My first slideshow control</description>
const infomap slideshow[]
Definition GUIInfoManager.cpp:9655
const char const uint8_t size_t unsigned int unsigned int * height
Definition kodi-dev-kit/include/kodi/c-api/addon-instance/imagedecoder.h:417
const char struct KODI_ADDON_IMAGEDECODER_INFO_TAG * info
Definition kodi-dev-kit/include/kodi/c-api/addon-instance/imagedecoder.h:410
const char const uint8_t size_t unsigned int * width
Definition kodi-dev-kit/include/kodi/c-api/addon-instance/imagedecoder.h:416

Image Size and Type Restrictions

For the <texture> tags, and for all <texture> tags in other controls, there is a small set of rules that you should follow if at all possible:


If you wish to use full 8 bit transparency, then use PNG. If you only need a single transparent colour, then you can specify this in the <colorkey> tag, so any image will be fine. It is suggested that you use PNG and JPG as much as possible. The size of the images (in kb) is therefore not as important as the size of the images in pixels – so feel free to store them in a lossless (eg PNG) manner if you wish.

The only exception to this is if you require an animated texture. In this case, we only support animated GIF. There are also SOME animated gifs that may not work. Use ImageReady CS and make sure you set the gif-anim to “restore to background” and they should work fine.

Available tags and attributes

In addition to the Default Control Tags the following tags are available. Note that each tag is lower case only. This is important, as xml tags are case-sensitive.

Tag Description
imagepath Specifies the path containing the images to use for the slideshow. Kodi will first look inside the compressed Textures.xbt file for images, and then will look in the actual folder. The path is relative to the media/ folder if it is not specified completely.
info Specifies the information that this image control is presenting. Kodi will select the texture to use based on this tag. See here for more information.
timeperimage Time in milliseconds that an image is shown for.
fadetime Time in milliseconds to fade between images.
pauseatend Time in milliseconds to pause (in addition to <timeperimage>) on the last image at the end of a complete cycle through the images. Only useful if <loop> is set to yes.
loop If set to no, the last image will display indefinitely. Setting it to yes will loop around once they reach the last image. Defaults to yes.
aspectratio This specifies how the image will be drawn inside the box defined by <width> and <height>. See here for more info.

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