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KODI::GAME::CGUIGameControllerList Class Reference

#include <GUIGameControllerList.h>

Inheritance diagram for KODI::GAME::CGUIGameControllerList:
CGUIListContainer CGUIBaseContainer IGUIContainer CGUIControl

Public Member Functions

 CGUIGameControllerList (int parentID, int controlID, float posX, float posY, float width, float height, ORIENTATION orientation, uint32_t alignment, const CScroller &scroller)
 CGUIGameControllerList (const CGUIGameControllerList &other)
 ~CGUIGameControllerList () override=default
CGUIGameControllerListClone () const override
void UpdateInfo (const CGUIListItem *item) override
void SetGameClient (GameClientPtr gameClient)
void ClearGameClient ()
uint32_t GetAlignment () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIListContainer
 CGUIListContainer (int parentID, int controlID, float posX, float posY, float width, float height, ORIENTATION orientation, const CScroller &scroller, int preloadItems)
 CGUIListContainer (const CGUIListContainer &other)
 CGUIListContainer (int parentID, int controlID, float posX, float posY, float width, float height, const CLabelInfo &labelInfo, const CLabelInfo &labelInfo2, const CTextureInfo &textureButton, const CTextureInfo &textureButtonFocus, float textureHeight, float itemWidth, float itemHeight, float spaceBetweenItems)
 ~CGUIListContainer (void) override
CGUIListContainerClone () const override
bool OnAction (const CAction &action) override
bool OnMessage (CGUIMessage &message) override
bool HasNextPage () const override
bool HasPreviousPage () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIBaseContainer
 CGUIBaseContainer (int parentID, int controlID, float posX, float posY, float width, float height, ORIENTATION orientation, const CScroller &scroller, int preloadItems)
 CGUIBaseContainer (const CGUIBaseContainer &other)
 ~CGUIBaseContainer (void) override
void OnDown () override
void OnUp () override
void OnLeft () override
void OnRight () override
bool OnMouseOver (const CPoint &point) override
 Called when the mouse is over the control. Default implementation selects the control.
bool CanFocus () const override
void SetFocus (bool bOnOff) override
void AllocResources () override
void FreeResources (bool immediately=false) override
void UpdateVisibility (const CGUIListItem *item=NULL) override
void AssignDepth () override
virtual unsigned int GetRows () const
void SetPageControl (int id)
std::string GetDescription () const override
void SaveStates (std::vector< CControlState > &states) override
virtual int GetSelectedItem () const
void DoProcess (unsigned int currentTime, CDirtyRegionList &dirtyregions) override
void Process (unsigned int currentTime, CDirtyRegionList &dirtyregions) override
void LoadLayout (TiXmlElement *layout)
void LoadListProvider (TiXmlElement *content, int defaultItem, bool defaultAlways)
std::shared_ptr< CGUIListItemGetListItem (int offset, unsigned int flag=0) const override
bool GetCondition (int condition, int data) const override
std::string GetLabel (int info) const override
void SetListProvider (std::unique_ptr< IListProvider > provider)
 Set the list provider for this container (for python).
void SetRenderOffset (const CPoint &offset)
 Set the offset of the first item in the container from the container's position Useful for lists/panels where the focused item may be larger than the non-focused items and thus normally cut off from the clipping window defined by the container's position + size.
void SetClickActions (const CGUIAction &clickActions)
void SetFocusActions (const CGUIAction &focusActions)
void SetUnFocusActions (const CGUIAction &unfocusActions)
void SetAutoScrolling (const TiXmlNode *node)
void ResetAutoScrolling ()
void UpdateAutoScrolling (unsigned int currentTime)
- Public Member Functions inherited from IGUIContainer
 IGUIContainer (int parentID, int controlID, float posX, float posY, float width, float height)
bool IsContainer () const override
VIEW_TYPE GetType () const
const std::string & GetLabel () const
void SetType (VIEW_TYPE type, const std::string &label)
- Public Member Functions inherited from CGUIControl
 CGUIControl ()
 CGUIControl (int parentID, int controlID, float posX, float posY, float width, float height)
 CGUIControl (const CGUIControl &)
virtual ~CGUIControl (void)
virtual void DoRender ()
virtual void RenderEx ()
bool HasProcessed () const
 Returns whether or not we have processed.
virtual bool OnBack ()
virtual bool OnInfo ()
virtual void OnNextControl ()
virtual void OnPrevControl ()
virtual EVENT_RESULT SendMouseEvent (const CPoint &point, const KODI::MOUSE::CMouseEvent &event)
 React to a mouse event.
virtual void UnfocusFromPoint (const CPoint &point)
 Unfocus the control if the given point on screen is not within it's boundary.
virtual bool HitTest (const CPoint &point) const
 Used to test whether the point is inside a control.
virtual int GetID (void) const
virtual void SetID (int id)
int GetParentID () const
virtual bool HasFocus () const
virtual void DynamicResourceAlloc (bool bOnOff)
virtual bool IsDynamicallyAllocated ()
virtual bool IsVisible () const
bool IsVisibleFromSkin () const
virtual bool IsDisabled () const
virtual void SetPosition (float posX, float posY)
virtual void SetHitRect (const CRect &rect, const UTILS::COLOR::Color &color)
virtual void SetCamera (const CPoint &camera)
virtual void SetStereoFactor (const float &factor)
bool SetColorDiffuse (const KODI::GUILIB::GUIINFO::CGUIInfoColor &color)
CPoint GetRenderPosition () const
virtual float GetXPosition () const
virtual float GetYPosition () const
virtual float GetWidth () const
virtual float GetHeight () const
void MarkDirtyRegion (const unsigned int dirtyState=DIRTY_STATE_CONTROL)
bool IsControlDirty () const
const CRectGetRenderRegion () const
 return the render region in screen coordinates of this control
virtual CRect CalcRenderRegion () const
 calculate the render region in parentcontrol coordinates of this control Called during process to update m_renderRegion
void SetActions (const ActionMap &actions)
void SetAction (int actionID, const CGUIAction &action, bool replace=true)
 Set actions to perform on navigation Navigations are set if replace is true or if there is no previously set action.
CGUIAction GetAction (int actionID) const
 Get an action the control can be perform.
bool Navigate (int direction) const
 Start navigating in given direction.
virtual void SetWidth (float width)
virtual void SetHeight (float height)
virtual void SetVisible (bool bVisible, bool setVisState=false)
void SetVisibleCondition (const std::string &expression, const std::string &allowHiddenFocus="")
bool HasVisibleCondition () const
void SetEnableCondition (const std::string &expression)
virtual void SetInitialVisibility ()
virtual void SetEnabled (bool bEnable)
virtual void SetInvalid ()
virtual void SetPulseOnSelect (bool pulse)
virtual std::string GetDescriptionByIndex (int index) const
void SetAnimations (const std::vector< CAnimation > &animations)
const std::vector< CAnimation > & GetAnimations () const
virtual void QueueAnimation (ANIMATION_TYPE anim)
virtual bool IsAnimating (ANIMATION_TYPE anim)
virtual bool HasAnimation (ANIMATION_TYPE anim)
CAnimationGetAnimation (ANIMATION_TYPE type, bool checkConditions=true)
virtual void ResetAnimation (ANIMATION_TYPE type)
virtual void ResetAnimations ()
virtual void SetPushUpdates (bool pushUpdates)
virtual bool IsGroup () const
void SetParentControl (CGUIControl *control)
CGUIControlGetParentControl (void) const
virtual CGUIControlGetControl (int id, std::vector< CGUIControl * > *idCollector=nullptr)
void SetControlStats (GUICONTROLSTATS *controlStats)
virtual void UpdateControlStats ()
GUICONTROLTYPES GetControlType () const
bool IsControlRenderable ()
 Test whether the control is "drawable" (not a group or similar)

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from CGUIControl
typedef std::map< int, CGUIActionActionMap
 Set actions to perform on navigation.
- Protected Types inherited from CGUIBaseContainer
typedef std::vector< std::shared_ptr< CGUIListItem > >::iterator iItems
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUIListContainer
void Scroll (int amount) override
void SetCursor (int cursor) override
 Set the cursor position Should be used by all base classes rather than directly setting it, as this also marks the control as dirty (if needed)
bool MoveDown (bool wrapAround) override
bool MoveUp (bool wrapAround) override
void ValidateOffset () override
void SelectItem (int item) override
bool SelectItemFromPoint (const CPoint &point) override
int GetCursorFromPoint (const CPoint &point, CPoint *itemPoint=NULL) const override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUIBaseContainer
EVENT_RESULT OnMouseEvent (const CPoint &point, const KODI::MOUSE::CMouseEvent &event) override
 Perform a mouse action.
bool OnClick (int actionID)
virtual void ProcessItem (float posX, float posY, std::shared_ptr< CGUIListItem > &item, bool focused, unsigned int currentTime, CDirtyRegionList &dirtyregions)
void Render () override
virtual void RenderItem (float posX, float posY, CGUIListItem *item, bool focused)
virtual bool GetOffsetRange (int &minOffset, int &maxOffset) const
virtual int CorrectOffset (int offset, int cursor) const
virtual void UpdateLayout (bool refreshAllItems=false)
virtual void SetPageControlRange ()
virtual void UpdatePageControl (int offset)
virtual void CalculateLayout ()
virtual void Reset ()
virtual size_t GetNumItems () const
virtual int GetCurrentPage () const
bool InsideLayout (const CGUIListItemLayout *layout, const CPoint &point) const
void OnFocus () override
void OnUnFocus () override
void UpdateListProvider (bool forceRefresh=false)
int ScrollCorrectionRange () const
float Size () const
void FreeMemory (int keepStart, int keepEnd)
void GetCurrentLayouts ()
CGUIListItemLayoutGetFocusedLayout () const
virtual void ScrollToOffset (int offset)
void SetContainerMoving (int direction)
void UpdateScrollOffset (unsigned int currentTime)
void UpdateScrollByLetter ()
void GetCacheOffsets (int &cacheBefore, int &cacheAfter) const
int GetCacheCount () const
bool ScrollingDown () const
bool ScrollingUp () const
void OnNextLetter ()
void OnPrevLetter ()
void OnJumpLetter (const std::string &letter, bool skip=false)
void OnJumpSMS (int letter)
int GetCursor () const
void SetOffset (int offset)
 Set the container offset Should be used by all base classes rather than directly setting it, as this also marks the control as dirty (if needed)
int GetOffset () const
 Returns the index of the first visible row returns the first row. This may be outside of the range of available items. Use GetItemOffset() to retrieve the first visible item in the list.
int GetItemOffset () const
 Returns the index of the first visible item returns the first visible item. This will always be in the range of available items. Use GetOffset() to retrieve the first visible row in the list.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from CGUIControl
virtual CPoint GetPosition () const
 Return the coordinates of the top left of the control, in the control's parent coordinates.
virtual bool CanFocusFromPoint (const CPoint &point) const
 Test whether we can focus a control from a point on screen.
virtual bool UpdateColors (const CGUIListItem *item)
virtual bool Animate (unsigned int currentTime)
virtual bool CheckAnimation (ANIMATION_TYPE animType)
void UpdateStates (ANIMATION_TYPE type, ANIMATION_PROCESS currentProcess, ANIMATION_STATE currentState)
bool SendWindowMessage (CGUIMessage &message) const
- Protected Attributes inherited from CGUIBaseContainer
CPoint m_renderOffset
 render offset of the first item in the list
float m_analogScrollCount
unsigned int m_lastHoldTime
ORIENTATION m_orientation
int m_itemsPerPage
std::vector< std::shared_ptr< CGUIListItem > > m_items
std::shared_ptr< CGUIListItemm_lastItem
int m_pageControl
std::list< CGUIListItemLayoutm_layouts
std::list< CGUIListItemLayoutm_focusedLayouts
CGUIListItemLayoutm_layout {nullptr}
CGUIListItemLayoutm_focusedLayout {nullptr}
bool m_layoutCondition = false
bool m_focusedLayoutCondition = false
CScroller m_scroller
std::unique_ptr< IListProviderm_listProvider
bool m_wasReset
std::vector< std::pair< int, std::string > > m_letterOffsets
INFO::InfoPtr m_autoScrollCondition
int m_autoScrollMoveTime
unsigned int m_autoScrollDelayTime
bool m_autoScrollIsReversed
unsigned int m_lastRenderTime
- Protected Attributes inherited from IGUIContainer
std::string m_label
- Protected Attributes inherited from CGUIControl
ActionMap m_actions
float m_posX
float m_posY
float m_height
float m_width
CRect m_hitRect
UTILS::COLOR::Color m_hitColor = 0xffffffff
KODI::GUILIB::GUIINFO::CGUIInfoColor m_diffuseColor
int m_controlID
int m_parentID
bool m_bHasFocus
bool m_bInvalidated
bool m_bAllocated
bool m_pulseOnSelect
INFO::InfoPtr m_visibleCondition
GUIVISIBLE m_visible
bool m_visibleFromSkinCondition
bool m_forceHidden
KODI::GUILIB::GUIINFO::CGUIInfoBool m_allowHiddenFocus
bool m_hasProcessed
INFO::InfoPtr m_enableCondition
bool m_enabled
bool m_pushedUpdates
std::vector< CAnimationm_animations
CPoint m_camera
bool m_hasCamera
float m_stereo
TransformMatrix m_transform
TransformMatrix m_cachedTransform
bool m_isCulled {true}
unsigned int m_controlDirtyState
CRect m_renderRegion
- Static Protected Attributes inherited from CGUIControl
static const unsigned int DIRTY_STATE_CONTROL = 1
static const unsigned int DIRTY_STATE_CHILD = 2

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CGUIGameControllerList() [1/2]

CGUIGameControllerList::CGUIGameControllerList ( int parentID,
int controlID,
float posX,
float posY,
float width,
float height,
ORIENTATION orientation,
uint32_t alignment,
const CScroller & scroller )

◆ CGUIGameControllerList() [2/2]

CGUIGameControllerList::CGUIGameControllerList ( const CGUIGameControllerList & other)

◆ ~CGUIGameControllerList()

KODI::GAME::CGUIGameControllerList::~CGUIGameControllerList ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ ClearGameClient()

void CGUIGameControllerList::ClearGameClient ( )

◆ Clone()

CGUIGameControllerList * CGUIGameControllerList::Clone ( void ) const

Implements CGUIControl.

◆ GetAlignment()

uint32_t KODI::GAME::CGUIGameControllerList::GetAlignment ( ) const

◆ SetGameClient()

void CGUIGameControllerList::SetGameClient ( GAME::GameClientPtr gameClient)

◆ UpdateInfo()

void CGUIGameControllerList::UpdateInfo ( const CGUIListItem * item)

Reimplemented from CGUIControl.

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