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XBMCAddon::xbmc::PlayList Class Reference

#include <PlayList.h>

Inheritance diagram for XBMCAddon::xbmc::PlayList:

Public Member Functions

 PlayList (int playList)
 ~PlayList () override
 getPlayListId ()

Function: getPlayListId()

Get the PlayList Identifier
 add (...)

Function: add(url[, listitem, index])

Adds a new file to the playlist.
 load (...)

Function: load(filename)

Load a playlist.
 remove (...)

Function: remove(filename)

Remove an item with this filename from the playlist.
 clear ()

Function: clear()

Clear all items in the playlist.
 size ()

Function: size()

Returns the total number of PlayListItems in this playlist.
 shuffle ()

Function: shuffle()

Shuffle the playlist.
 unshuffle ()

Function: unshuffle()

Unshuffle the playlist.
 getposition ()

Function: getposition()

Returns the position of the current song in this playlist.
- Public Member Functions inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass
 AddonClass ()
virtual ~AddonClass ()
const char * GetClassname () const
LanguageHookGetLanguageHook ()
bool isDeallocating ()
void Release () const
void Acquire () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass
static short getNumAddonClasses ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass
virtual void deallocating ()
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass
static short getNextClassIndex ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from XBMCAddon::AddonClass

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PlayList()

XBMCAddon::xbmc::PlayList::PlayList ( int playList)
need a means to check for a valid construction either by throwing an exception or by an "isValid" check

◆ ~PlayList()

XBMCAddon::xbmc::PlayList::~PlayList ( )

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