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#include <Timers.h>

Inheritance diagram for kodi::addon::PVRTimerType:
kodi::addon::CStructHdl< PVRTimerType, PVR_TIMER_TYPE >

Public Member Functions

void SetId (unsigned int id)
This type's identifier. Ids must be > PVR_TIMER_TYPE_NONE.
unsigned int GetId () const
 To get with SetAttributes changed values.
void SetAttributes (uint64_t attributes)
Defines the attributes for this type (PVR_TIMER_TYPE_* constants).
uint64_t GetAttributes () const
 To get with SetAttributes changed values.
void SetDescription (const std::string &description)
A short localized string describing the purpose of the type. (e.g. "Any time at this channel if title matches").
std::string GetDescription () const
 To get with SetDescription changed values.
void SetPriorities (const std::vector< PVRTypeIntValue > &priorities, int prioritiesDefault=-1)
Priority value definitions.
std::vector< PVRTypeIntValueGetPriorities () const
 To get with SetPriorities changed values.
void SetPrioritiesDefault (int prioritiesDefault)
The default value for PVRTimer::SetPriority().
int GetPrioritiesDefault () const
 To get with SetPrioritiesDefault changed values.
void SetLifetimes (const std::vector< PVRTypeIntValue > &lifetimes, int lifetimesDefault=-1)
Lifetime value definitions.
std::vector< PVRTypeIntValueGetLifetimes () const
 To get with SetLifetimes changed values.
void SetLifetimesDefault (int lifetimesDefault)
The default value for SetLifetimes().
int GetLifetimesDefault () const
 To get with SetLifetimesDefault changed values.
void SetPreventDuplicateEpisodes (const std::vector< PVRTypeIntValue > &preventDuplicateEpisodes, int preventDuplicateEpisodesDefault=-1)
Prevent duplicate episodes value definitions.
std::vector< PVRTypeIntValueGetPreventDuplicateEpisodes () const
 To get with SetPreventDuplicateEpisodes changed values.
void SetPreventDuplicateEpisodesDefault (int preventDuplicateEpisodesDefault)
The default value for PVRTimer::SetPreventDuplicateEpisodes().
int GetPreventDuplicateEpisodesDefault () const
 To get with SetPreventDuplicateEpisodesDefault changed values.
void SetRecordingGroups (const std::vector< PVRTypeIntValue > &recordingGroup, int recordingGroupDefault=-1)
Array containing the possible values of PVRTimer::SetRecordingGroup()
std::vector< PVRTypeIntValueGetRecordingGroups () const
 To get with SetRecordingGroups changed values.
void SetRecordingGroupDefault (int recordingGroupDefault)
The default value for PVRTimer::SetRecordingGroup().
int GetRecordingGroupDefault () const
 To get with SetRecordingGroupDefault changed values.
void SetMaxRecordings (const std::vector< PVRTypeIntValue > &maxRecordings, int maxRecordingsDefault=-1)
Array containing the possible values of PVRTimer::SetMaxRecordings().
std::vector< PVRTypeIntValueGetMaxRecordings () const
 To get with SetMaxRecordings changed values.
void SetMaxRecordingsDefault (int maxRecordingsDefault)
The default value for SetMaxRecordings().
int GetMaxRecordingsDefault () const
 To get with SetMaxRecordingsDefault changed values.
- Public Member Functions inherited from kodi::addon::CStructHdl< PVRTimerType, PVR_TIMER_TYPE >
 CStructHdl ()
 CStructHdl (const PVRTimerType &cppClass)
 CStructHdl (const PVR_TIMER_TYPE *cStructure)
 CStructHdl (PVR_TIMER_TYPE *cStructure)
const CStructHdloperator= (const CStructHdl &right)
const CStructHdloperator= (const PVR_TIMER_TYPE &right)
virtual ~CStructHdl ()
 operator PVR_TIMER_TYPE * ()
 operator const PVR_TIMER_TYPE * () const
const PVR_TIMER_TYPEGetCStructure () const


class CInstancePVRClient

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from kodi::addon::CStructHdl< PVRTimerType, PVR_TIMER_TYPE >

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friend class CInstancePVRClient

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