Kodi Documentation 22.0
Kodi is an open source media player and entertainment hub.
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VideoGUIUtils.cpp File Reference


namespace  KODI
namespace  KODI::VIDEO
namespace  KODI::VIDEO::UTILS


void KODI::VIDEO::UTILS::PlayItem (const std::shared_ptr< CFileItem > &item, const std::string &player, ContentUtils::PlayMode mode=ContentUtils::PlayMode::CHECK_AUTO_PLAY_NEXT_ITEM)
 Start playback of the given item. If the item is a folder, build a playlist with all items contained in the folder and start playback of the playlist. If item is a single video item, start playback directly, without adding it to the video playlist first.
void KODI::VIDEO::UTILS::QueueItem (const std::shared_ptr< CFileItem > &item, QueuePosition pos)
 Queue the given item in the currently active playlist. If no playlist is active, put the item into the video playlist.
bool KODI::VIDEO::UTILS::GetItemsForPlayList (const std::shared_ptr< CFileItem > &item, CFileItemList &queuedItems)
 For a given item, get the items to put in a playlist. If the item is a folder, all subitems will be added recursively to the returned item list. If the item is a playlist, the playlist will be loaded and contained items will be added to the returned item list. Shows a busy dialog if action takes certain amount of time to give the user visual feedback.
bool KODI::VIDEO::UTILS::IsItemPlayable (const CFileItem &item)
 Check whether the given item can be played by the app playlist player as one or more videos.
std::string KODI::VIDEO::UTILS::GetResumeString (const CFileItem &item)
 Get a localized resume string for the given item, if it is resumable.