Kodi Documentation 22.0
Kodi is an open source media player and entertainment hub.
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ModuleXbmc.h File Reference
#include "AddonString.h"
#include "Tuple.h"
#include "utils/LangCodeExpander.h"
#include "swighelper.h"
#include <vector>


 log (...)

Function: xbmc.log(msg[, level])

Write a string to Kodi's log file and the debug window.
 shutdown ()

Function: xbmc.shutdown()

Shutdown the htpc.
 restart ()

Function: xbmc.restart()

Restart the htpc.
 executescript (...)

Function: xbmc.executescript(script)

Execute a python script.
 executebuiltin (...)

Function: xbmc.executebuiltin(function)

Execute a built in Kodi function.
 executeJSONRPC (...)

Function: xbmc.executeJSONRPC(jsonrpccommand)

Execute an JSONRPC command.
 sleep (...)

Function: xbmc.sleep(time)

Sleeps for 'time' (msec).
 getLocalizedString (...)

Function: xbmc.getLocalizedString(id)

Get a localized 'unicode string'.
 getSkinDir ()

Function: xbmc.getSkinDir()

Get the active skin directory.
 getLanguage (...)

Function: xbmc.getLanguage([format], [region])

Get the active language.
 getIPAddress ()

Function: xbmc.getIPAddress()

Get the current ip address.
 getDVDState ()

Function: xbmc.getDVDState()

Returns the dvd state as an integer.
 getFreeMem ()

Function: xbmc.getFreeMem()

Get amount of free memory in MB.
 getInfoLabel (...)

Function: xbmc.getInfoLabel(infotag)

Get a info label
 getInfoImage (...)

Function: xbmc.getInfoImage(infotag)

Get filename including path to the InfoImage's thumbnail.
 playSFX (...)

Function: xbmc.playSFX(filename,[useCached])

Plays a wav file by filename
 stopSFX ()

Function: xbmc.stopSFX()

Stops wav file
 enableNavSounds (...)

Function: xbmc.enableNavSounds(yesNo)

Enables/Disables nav sounds
 getCondVisibility (...)

Function: xbmc.getCondVisibility(condition)

Get visibility conditions
 getGlobalIdleTime ()

Function: xbmc.getGlobalIdleTime()

Get the elapsed idle time in seconds.
 getCacheThumbName (...)

Function: xbmc.getCacheThumbName(path)

Get thumb cache filename.
 getCleanMovieTitle (...)

Function: xbmc.getCleanMovieTitle(path[, usefoldername])

Get clean movie title and year string if available.
 getRegion (...)

Function: xbmc.getRegion(id)

Returns your regions setting as a string for the specified id.
 getSupportedMedia (...)

Function: xbmc.getSupportedMedia(media)

Get the supported file types for the specific media.
 skinHasImage (...)

Function: xbmc.skinHasImage(image)

Check skin for presence of Image.
 startServer (...)

Function: xbmc.startServer(typ, bStart, bWait)

Start or stop a server.
 audioSuspend ()

Function: xbmc.audioSuspend()

Suspend Audio engine.
 audioResume ()

Function: xbmc.audioResume()

Resume Audio engine.
 getUserAgent ()

Function: xbmc.getUserAgent()

 convertLanguage (...)

Function: xbmc.convertLanguage(language, format)