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#include <ImageDecoder.h>

Public Member Functions

void SetWidth (int width)
 Set the camera manufacturer as string on info tag.
int GetWidth () const
 Get image width as pixels.
void SetHeight (int height)
 Set the image height as pixels.
int GetHeight () const
 Get image height as pixels.
void SetDistance (int distance)
 Set the image distance in meters.
int GetDistance () const
 Get mage distance in meters.
void SetColor (ADDON_IMG_COLOR color)
 Set the image color type.
ADDON_IMG_COLOR GetColor () const
 Get image image color type.
void SetMeteringMode (ADDON_IMG_METERING_MODE metering_mode)
 Set metering mode.
ADDON_IMG_METERING_MODE GetMeteringMode () const
 Get metering mode.
void SetExposureTime (float exposure_time)
 Set exposure time.
float GetExposureTime () const
 Get exposure time.
void SetExposureBias (float exposure_bias)
 Set exposure bias.
float GetExposureBias () const
 Get exposure bias.
void SetExposureProgram (ADDON_IMG_EXPOSURE_PROGRAM exposure_program)
 Set Exposure program.
ADDON_IMG_EXPOSURE_PROGRAM GetExposureProgram () const
 Get Exposure program.
void SetExposureMode (ADDON_IMG_EXPOSURE_MODE exposure_mode)
 Set Exposure mode.
ADDON_IMG_EXPOSURE_MODE GetExposureMode () const
 Get Exposure mode.
void SetOrientation (ADDON_IMG_ORIENTATION orientation)
 Set the orientation.
ADDON_IMG_ORIENTATION GetOrientation () const
 Get image orientation.
void SetTimeCreated (time_t time_created)
 Set the image creation time in time_t format (number of seconds elapsed since 00:00 hours, Jan 1, 1970 UTC).
time_t GetTimeCreated () const
 Get image creation time.
void SetApertureFNumber (float aperture_f_number)
 Set Aperture F number.
float GetApertureFNumber () const
 Get Aperture F number.
void SetFlashUsed (ADDON_IMG_FLASH_TYPE flash_used)
 Set to true if image was created with flash.
ADDON_IMG_FLASH_TYPE GetFlashUsed () const
 Get info about image was created with flash.
void SetFocalLength (int focal_length)
 Set focal length.
int GetFocalLength () const
 Get focal length.
void SetLightSource (ADDON_IMG_LIGHT_SOURCE light_source)
 Set light source.
ADDON_IMG_LIGHT_SOURCE GetLightSource () const
 Get light source.
void SetFocalLengthIn35mmFormat (int focal_length_in_35mm_format)
 Set focal length in 35 mm format.
int GetFocalLengthIn35mmFormat () const
 Get focal length in 35 mm format.
void SetDigitalZoomRatio (float digital_zoom_ratio)
 Set digital zoom ratio.
float GetDigitalZoomRatio () const
 Get digital zoom ratio.
void SetISOSpeed (float iso_speed)
 Set ISO sensitivity.
float GetISOSpeed () const
 Get ISO sensitivity.
void SetGPSInfo (bool gps_info_present, char latitude_ref, float latitude[3], char longitude_ref, float longitude[3], int altitude_ref, float altitude)
 Set GPS position information.
void GetGPSInfo (bool &gps_info_present, char &latitude_ref, float latitude[3], char &longitude_ref, float longitude[3], int &altitude_ref, float &altitude)
 Get GPS position information.
void SetCameraManufacturer (const std::string &camera_manufacturer)
 Set the camera manufacturer as string on info tag.
std::string GetCameraManufacturer () const
 Get camera manufacturer.
void SetCameraModel (const std::string &camera_model)
 Set camera model.
std::string GetCameraModel () const
 Get camera model.
void SetAuthor (const std::string &author)
 Set author.
std::string GetAuthor () const
 Get author.
void SetDescription (const std::string &description)
 Set description.
std::string GetDescription () const
 Get description.
void SetCopyright (const std::string &copyright)
 Set copyright.
std::string GetCopyright () const
 Get copyright.

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