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kodi::tools::CEndTime Class Reference

#include <EndTime.h>

Public Member Functions

 CEndTime ()=default
 Class constructor with no time to expiry set.
 CEndTime (unsigned int millisecondsIntoTheFuture)
 Class constructor to set future time when timer has expired.
void Set (unsigned int millisecondsIntoTheFuture)
 Set the time in the future we cosider this timer as expired.
bool IsTimePast () const
 Check if the expiry time has been reached.
unsigned int MillisLeft () const
 The amount of time left till this timer expires.
void SetExpired ()
 Consider this timer expired.
void SetInfinite ()
 Set this timer as never expiring.
bool IsInfinite (void) const
 Check if the timer has been set to infinite expiry.
unsigned int GetInitialTimeoutValue (void) const
 Get the initial timeout value this timer had.
uint64_t GetStartTime (void) const
 Get the time this timer started.

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