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KODI::GAME::IActivePortList Class Referenceabstract

A list populated by input ports on a game console. More...

#include <IActivePortList.h>

Inheritance diagram for KODI::GAME::IActivePortList:

Public Member Functions

virtual ~IActivePortList ()=default
virtual bool Initialize (GameClientPtr gameClient)=0
 Initialize resources.
virtual void Deinitialize ()=0
 Deinitialize resources.
virtual void Refresh ()=0
 Refresh the contents of the list.

Detailed Description

A list populated by input ports on a game console.

In the Player Viewer dialog (GameAgents window), this list has control ID 4.

Each port is an item in the list. Ports are represented by the controller icon of the connected controller.

Ports are only included in the list if the controller profile provides input. For example, Multitaps will be skipped.

When ports are changed, the player list (IAgentList) is updated.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ~IActivePortList()

virtual KODI::GAME::IActivePortList::~IActivePortList ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ Deinitialize()

virtual void KODI::GAME::IActivePortList::Deinitialize ( )
pure virtual

Deinitialize resources.

Implemented in KODI::GAME::CGUIActivePortList.

◆ Initialize()

virtual bool KODI::GAME::IActivePortList::Initialize ( GameClientPtr gameClient)
pure virtual

Initialize resources.

gameClientThe game client providing the ports
True if the resource is initialized and can be used, false if the resource failed to initialize and must not be used

Implemented in KODI::GAME::CGUIActivePortList.

◆ Refresh()

virtual void KODI::GAME::IActivePortList::Refresh ( )
pure virtual

Refresh the contents of the list.

Implemented in KODI::GAME::CGUIActivePortList.

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