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DXVA::CVideoBufferPoolTyped< TBuffer > Class Template Reference

#include <DXVA.h>

Inheritance diagram for DXVA::CVideoBufferPoolTyped< TBuffer >:
DXVA::CVideoBufferPool IVideoBufferPool

Protected Member Functions

CVideoBufferCreateBuffer (int idx) override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from DXVA::CVideoBufferPool
void Reset ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from DXVA::CVideoBufferPool
typedef std::shared_ptr< CVideoBufferPoolshared_ptr
- Public Member Functions inherited from DXVA::CVideoBufferPool
 CVideoBufferPool ()
virtual ~CVideoBufferPool ()
::CVideoBufferGet () override
void Return (int id) override
void AddView (ID3D11View *view)
bool ReturnView (ID3D11View *view)
ID3D11View * GetView ()
bool IsValid (ID3D11View *view)
size_t Size ()
bool HasFree ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from IVideoBufferPool
virtual ~IVideoBufferPool ()=default
virtual void Configure (AVPixelFormat format, int size)
virtual bool IsConfigured ()
virtual bool IsCompatible (AVPixelFormat format, int size)
virtual void Released (CVideoBufferManager &videoBufferManager)
virtual void Discard (CVideoBufferManager *bm, ReadyToDispose cb)
std::shared_ptr< IVideoBufferPoolGetPtr ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from DXVA::CVideoBufferPool
CCriticalSection m_section
std::vector< ID3D11View * > m_views
std::deque< size_t > m_freeViews
std::vector< CVideoBuffer * > m_out
std::deque< size_t > m_freeOut

Member Function Documentation

◆ CreateBuffer()

template<typename TBuffer >
CVideoBuffer * DXVA::CVideoBufferPoolTyped< TBuffer >::CreateBuffer ( int idx)

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