Kodi Documentation 22.0
Kodi is an open source media player and entertainment hub.
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Skinning engine v16
Page Infolabels and Boolean conditions

[New Infolabel] RDS.InfoSport

[New Infolabel] RDS.InfoHoroscope

[New Infolabel] RDS.InfoCinemaSize

[New Infolabel] RDS.InfoCinema

[New Infolabel] RDS.InfoWeatherSize

[New Infolabel] RDS.InfoWeather

[New Infolabel] RDS.InfoLotterySize

[New Infolabel] RDS.InfoLottery

[New Infolabel] RDS.InfoSportSize

[New Infolabel] RDS.InfoHoroscopeSize

[New Infolabel] RDS.InfoStockSize

[New Infolabel] RDS.InfoStock

[New Infolabel] RDS.InfoNewsLocal

[New Infolabel] RDS.InfoNews

[New Infolabel] RDS.Comment

[New Infolabel] RDS.RadioStyle

[New Infolabel] RDS.TrackNumber

[New Infolabel] RDS.Album

[New Infolabel] RDS.ProgStyle

[Removed Boolean Conditions] The following infobols were removed:

  • System.Platform.ATV2

[New Infolabels] The following infolabels were added:

  • ADSP.ActiveStreamType
  • ADSP.DetectedStreamType
  • ADSP.MasterName
  • ADSP.MasterInfo
  • ADSP.MasterOwnIcon
  • ADSP.MasterOverrideIcon

[New Boolean Conditions] The following infobools were added:

  • System.HasADSP
  • ADSP.IsActive
  • ADSP.HasInputResample
  • ADSP.HasPreProcess
  • ADSP.HasMasterProcess
  • ADSP.HasPostProcess
  • ADSP.HasOutputResample
  • ADSP.MasterActive
  • System.HasModalDialog

[New Infolabel] RDS.EmailStudio

[New Infolabel] RDS.EmailHotline

[New Infolabel] RDS.SmsStudio

[New Infolabel] RDS.PhoneStudio

[New Infolabel] RDS.PhoneHotline

[New Infolabel] RDS.Conductor

[New Infolabel] RDS.ProgHomepage

[New Infolabel] RDS.ProgEditStaff

[New Infolabel] RDS.ProgHost

[New Infolabel] RDS.ProgNext

[New Infolabel] RDS.ProgNow

[New Infolabel] RDS.ProgStation

[New Infolabel] RDS.InfoOtherSize

[New Infolabel] RDS.InfoOther

[New Infolabel] Container(id).Column

[New Infolabel] ListItem.Property(AudioCodec.[n])

[Infolabel Updated] ListItem.AudioChannels if a video contains no audio, these infolabels will now return empty. (they used to return 0)

[New Infolabel] ListItem.UserRating

[New Infolabel] ListItem.DateTime

[Infolabel Updated] Container.Art(type) set.fanart as possible type value.

[New Infolabel] Container(id).ListItemAbsolute(x).[infolabel]

[New Infolabel] Container.Content

[Infolabel Updated] Container(id).Position now also returns the position for items inside a grouplist.

[New Infolabel] ListItem.Property(AudioChannels.[n])

[New Infolabel] Container(id).Row

[New Boolean Condition] Container.HasParent

[New Infolabel] Container.SortOrder

[New Infolabel] Container(id).TotalUnWatched

[New Infolabel] Container(id).TotalWatched

[Infolabel Updated] VideoPlayer.AudioChannels if a video contains no audio, these infolabels will now return empty. (they used to return 0)

[New Infolabel] VideoPlayer.UserRating

[Infolabel Updated] System.Date will now return the full day and month names. old: sat, jul 18 2015 new: saturday, july 18 2015

[New Boolean Condition] RDS.HasHotline

[New Infolabel] RDS.Composer

[New Infolabel] RDS.Band

[New Infolabel] RDS.Artist

[New Infolabel] RDS.Title

[New Infolabel] RDS.GetLine(number)

[New Infolabel] RDS.ChannelCountry

[New Infolabel] RDS.AudioLanguage

[New Boolean Condition] RDS.HasStudio

[New Boolean Condition] System.HasHiddenInput

[New Boolean Condition] RDS.HasRadioTextPlus

[New Boolean Condition] RDS.HasRadioText

[New Boolean Condition] RDS.HasRds

[Updated infolabel] Window(Weather).Property(property) For skins that support extended weather info, the following infolabels have been changed:

  • Daily.i.OutlookIcon
  • 36Hour.i.OutlookIcon
  • Weekend.i.OutlookIcon
  • Hourly.i.OutlookIcon / previously the openweathermap addon would provide the full, hardcoded path to the icon ie. resource://resource.images.weathericons.default/28.png to make it easier for skins to work with custom icon sets, it now will return the filename only i.e. 28.png

[New Boolean Condition] Visualisation.HasPresets

[New Boolean Condition] ListItem.HasTimerSchedule

[New Infolabel] ListItem.Property(SubtitleLanguage.[n])

[New Infolabel] ListItem.Property(AudioLanguage.[n])