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VDPAU::CVideoSurfaces Class Reference

#include <VDPAU.h>

Public Member Functions

void AddSurface (VdpVideoSurface surf)
void ClearReference (VdpVideoSurface surf)
bool MarkRender (VdpVideoSurface surf)
void ClearRender (VdpVideoSurface surf)
bool IsValid (VdpVideoSurface surf)
VdpVideoSurface GetFree (VdpVideoSurface surf)
VdpVideoSurface RemoveNext (bool skiprender=false)
void Reset ()
int Size ()

Protected Attributes

std::map< VdpVideoSurface, intm_state
std::list< VdpVideoSurface > m_freeSurfaces
CCriticalSection m_section

Member Function Documentation

◆ AddSurface()

void CVideoSurfaces::AddSurface ( VdpVideoSurface surf)

◆ ClearReference()

void CVideoSurfaces::ClearReference ( VdpVideoSurface surf)

◆ ClearRender()

void CVideoSurfaces::ClearRender ( VdpVideoSurface surf)

◆ GetFree()

VdpVideoSurface CVideoSurfaces::GetFree ( VdpVideoSurface surf)

◆ IsValid()

bool CVideoSurfaces::IsValid ( VdpVideoSurface surf)

◆ MarkRender()

bool CVideoSurfaces::MarkRender ( VdpVideoSurface surf)

◆ RemoveNext()

VdpVideoSurface CVideoSurfaces::RemoveNext ( bool skiprender = false)

◆ Reset()

void CVideoSurfaces::Reset ( )

◆ Size()

int CVideoSurfaces::Size ( )

Member Data Documentation

◆ m_freeSurfaces

std::list<VdpVideoSurface> VDPAU::CVideoSurfaces::m_freeSurfaces

◆ m_section

CCriticalSection VDPAU::CVideoSurfaces::m_section

◆ m_state

std::map<VdpVideoSurface, int> VDPAU::CVideoSurfaces::m_state

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