Kodi Documentation 22.0
Kodi is an open source media player and entertainment hub.
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GameTypes.h File Reference
#include <memory>
#include <vector>


namespace  KODI
namespace  KODI::GAME


using KODI::GAME::GameClientPtr = std::shared_ptr<CGameClient>
 Smart pointer to a game client (CGameClient)
using KODI::GAME::GameClientVector = std::vector<GameClientPtr>
 Vector of smart pointers to a game client (CGameClient)
using KODI::GAME::GameClientPortPtr = std::unique_ptr<CGameClientPort>
 Smart pointer to an input port for a game client (CGameClientPort)
using KODI::GAME::GameClientPortVec = std::vector<GameClientPortPtr>
 Vector of smart pointers to input ports for a game client (CGameClientPort)
using KODI::GAME::GameClientDevicePtr = std::unique_ptr<CGameClientDevice>
 Smart pointer to an input device for a game client (CGameClientDevice)
using KODI::GAME::GameClientDeviceVec = std::vector<GameClientDevicePtr>
 Vector of smart pointers to input devices for a game client (CGameClientDevice)
using KODI::GAME::GameAgentPtr = std::shared_ptr<CGameAgent>
 Smart pointer to a game-playing agent (CGameAgent)
using KODI::GAME::GameAgentVec = std::vector<GameAgentPtr>
 Vector of smart pointers to game-playing agents (CGameAgent)


constexpr auto KODI::GAME::GAME_CLIENT_RESOURCES_DIRECTORY = "resources"
 Name of the resources directory for game clients.