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kodi::addon::CInstanceVisualization Class Reference

#include <Visualization.h>

Inheritance diagram for kodi::addon::CInstanceVisualization:

Public Member Functions

 CInstanceVisualization ()
 Visualization class constructor.
 CInstanceVisualization (const IInstanceInfo &instance)
 Visualization class constructor used to support multiple instance types.
 ~CInstanceVisualization () override=default
virtual bool Start (int channels, int samplesPerSec, int bitsPerSample, const std::string &songName)
 Used to notify the visualization that a new song has been started.
virtual void Stop ()
 Used to inform the visualization that the rendering control was stopped.
virtual void AudioData (const float *audioData, size_t audioDataLength)
 Pass audio data to the visualization.
virtual bool IsDirty ()
 Used to inform Kodi that the rendered region is dirty and need an update.
virtual void Render ()
 Used to indicate when the add-on should render.
virtual int GetSyncDelay ()
 Used to get the number of buffers from the current visualization.
virtual bool GetPresets (std::vector< std::string > &presets)
 Used to get a list of visualization presets the user can select. from.
virtual int GetActivePreset ()
 Get the index of the current preset.
virtual bool IsLocked ()
 Check if the add-on is locked to the current preset.
virtual bool PrevPreset ()
 Load the previous visualization preset.
virtual bool NextPreset ()
 Load the next visualization preset.
virtual bool LoadPreset (int select)
 Load a visualization preset.
virtual bool RandomPreset ()
 Switch to a new random preset.
virtual bool LockPreset (bool lockUnlock)
 Lock the current visualization preset, preventing it from changing.
virtual bool RatePreset (bool plusMinus)
 Used to increase/decrease the visualization preset rating.
virtual bool UpdateAlbumart (const std::string &albumart)
 Inform the visualization of the current album art image.
virtual bool UpdateTrack (const kodi::addon::VisualizationTrack &track)
 Inform the visualization of the current track's tag information.
void TransferPresets (const std::vector< std::string > &presets)
 To transfer available presets on addon.
kodi::HardwareContext Device ()
 Device that represents the display adapter.
int X ()
 Returns the X position of the rendering window.
int Y ()
 Returns the Y position of the rendering window.
int Width ()
 Returns the width of the rendering window.
int Height ()
 Returns the height of the rendering window.
float PixelRatio ()
 Pixel aspect ratio (often abbreviated PAR) is a ratio that describes how the width of a pixel compares to the height of that pixel.
- Public Member Functions inherited from kodi::addon::IAddonInstance
 IAddonInstance (const kodi::addon::IInstanceInfo &instance)
virtual ~IAddonInstance ()=default
virtual ADDON_STATUS CreateInstance (const kodi::addon::IInstanceInfo &instance, KODI_ADDON_INSTANCE_HDL &hdl)
std::string GetInstanceAPIVersion () const
virtual ADDON_STATUS SetInstanceSetting (const std::string &settingName, const kodi::addon::CSettingValue &settingValue)
bool IsInstanceSettingUsingDefault (const std::string &settingName)
std::string GetInstanceUserPath (const std::string &append="")
bool CheckInstanceSettingString (const std::string &settingName, std::string &settingValue)
std::string GetInstanceSettingString (const std::string &settingName, const std::string &defaultValue="")
void SetInstanceSettingString (const std::string &settingName, const std::string &settingValue)
bool CheckInstanceSettingInt (const std::string &settingName, int &settingValue)
int GetInstanceSettingInt (const std::string &settingName, int defaultValue=0)
void SetInstanceSettingInt (const std::string &settingName, int settingValue)
bool CheckInstanceSettingBoolean (const std::string &settingName, bool &settingValue)
bool GetInstanceSettingBoolean (const std::string &settingName, bool defaultValue=false)
void SetInstanceSettingBoolean (const std::string &settingName, bool settingValue)
bool CheckInstanceSettingFloat (const std::string &settingName, float &settingValue)
float GetInstanceSettingFloat (const std::string &settingName, float defaultValue=0.0f)
void SetInstanceSettingFloat (const std::string &settingName, float settingValue)
template<typename enumType >
bool CheckInstanceSettingEnum (const std::string &settingName, enumType &settingValue)
template<typename enumType >
enumType GetInstanceSettingEnum (const std::string &settingName, enumType defaultValue=static_cast< enumType >(0))
template<typename enumType >
void SetInstanceSettingEnum (const std::string &settingName, enumType settingValue)

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