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CSizeGen< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for CSizeGen< T >, including all inherited members.

Area() constCSizeGen< T >inline
CSizeGen() noexcept=defaultCSizeGen< T >
CSizeGen(T width, T height)CSizeGen< T >inline
CSizeGen(const CSizeGen< U > &rhs)CSizeGen< T >inlineexplicit
Height() constCSizeGen< T >inline
IsZero() constCSizeGen< T >inline
operator*(T factor) constCSizeGen< T >inline
operator*=(T factor)CSizeGen< T >inline
operator+(const this_type &size) constCSizeGen< T >inline
operator+=(const this_type &size)CSizeGen< T >inline
operator-(const this_type &size) constCSizeGen< T >inline
operator-=(const this_type &size)CSizeGen< T >inline
operator/(T factor) constCSizeGen< T >inline
operator/=(T factor)CSizeGen< T >inline
Set(T width, T height)CSizeGen< T >inline
SetHeight(T height)CSizeGen< T >inline
SetWidth(T width)CSizeGen< T >inline
this_type typedefCSizeGen< T >
ToPoint() constCSizeGen< T >inline
Width() constCSizeGen< T >inline