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Shaders::GLES::YUV2RGBProgressiveShader Class Reference

#include <YUV2RGBShaderGLES.h>

Inheritance diagram for Shaders::GLES::YUV2RGBProgressiveShader:
Shaders::GLES::BaseYUV2RGBGLSLShader Shaders::CGLSLShaderProgram Shaders::CShaderProgram

Public Member Functions

 YUV2RGBProgressiveShader (EShaderFormat format, AVColorPrimaries dstPrimaries, AVColorPrimaries srcPrimaries, bool toneMap, ETONEMAPMETHOD toneMapMethod)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Shaders::GLES::BaseYUV2RGBGLSLShader
 BaseYUV2RGBGLSLShader (EShaderFormat format, AVColorPrimaries dst, AVColorPrimaries src, bool toneMap, ETONEMAPMETHOD toneMapMethod)
 ~BaseYUV2RGBGLSLShader () override
void SetField (int field)
void SetWidth (int w)
void SetHeight (int h)
void SetColParams (AVColorSpace colSpace, int bits, bool limited, int textureBits)
void SetBlack (float black)
void SetContrast (float contrast)
void SetConvertFullColorRange (bool convertFullRange)
void SetDisplayMetadata (bool hasDisplayMetadata, const AVMasteringDisplayMetadata &displayMetadata, bool hasLightMetadata, AVContentLightMetadata lightMetadata)
void SetToneMapParam (float param)
GLint GetVertexLoc ()
GLint GetYcoordLoc ()
GLint GetUcoordLoc ()
GLint GetVcoordLoc ()
void SetMatrices (const GLfloat *p, const GLfloat *m)
void SetAlpha (GLfloat alpha)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Shaders::CGLSLShaderProgram
 CGLSLShaderProgram ()
 CGLSLShaderProgram (const std::string &vert, const std::string &frag)
 ~CGLSLShaderProgram () override
bool Enable () override
void Disable () override
bool CompileAndLink () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from Shaders::CShaderProgram
 CShaderProgram ()=default
virtual ~CShaderProgram ()
bool OK () const
CVertexShaderVertexShader ()
CPixelShaderPixelShader ()
virtual GLuint ProgramHandle ()

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Shaders::GLES::BaseYUV2RGBGLSLShader
void OnCompiledAndLinked () override
bool OnEnabled () override
void OnDisabled () override
void Free ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Shaders::CGLSLShaderProgram
void Free ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from Shaders::GLES::BaseYUV2RGBGLSLShader
EShaderFormat m_format
int m_width
int m_height
int m_field
bool m_hasDisplayMetadata {false}
AVMasteringDisplayMetadata m_displayMetadata
bool m_hasLightMetadata {false}
AVContentLightMetadata m_lightMetadata
bool m_toneMapping {false}
float m_toneMappingParam {1.0}
bool m_colorConversion {false}
float m_black
float m_contrast
std::string m_defines
CConvertMatrix m_convMatrix
GLint m_hYTex {-1}
GLint m_hUTex {-1}
GLint m_hVTex {-1}
GLint m_hYuvMat {-1}
GLint m_hStep {-1}
GLint m_hGammaSrc {-1}
GLint m_hGammaDstInv {-1}
GLint m_hPrimMat {-1}
GLint m_hToneP1 {-1}
GLint m_hCoefsDst {-1}
GLint m_hLuminance = -1
GLint m_hVertex {-1}
GLint m_hYcoord {-1}
GLint m_hUcoord {-1}
GLint m_hVcoord {-1}
GLint m_hProj {-1}
GLint m_hModel {-1}
GLint m_hAlpha {-1}
const GLfloat * m_proj {nullptr}
const GLfloat * m_model {nullptr}
GLfloat m_alpha {1.0f}
bool m_convertFullRange
- Protected Attributes inherited from Shaders::CGLSLShaderProgram
GLint m_lastProgram
bool m_validated = false
- Protected Attributes inherited from Shaders::CShaderProgram
CVertexShaderm_pVP = nullptr
CPixelShaderm_pFP = nullptr
GLuint m_shaderProgram = 0
bool m_ok = false

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ YUV2RGBProgressiveShader()

YUV2RGBProgressiveShader::YUV2RGBProgressiveShader ( EShaderFormat format,
AVColorPrimaries dstPrimaries,
AVColorPrimaries srcPrimaries,
bool toneMap,

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