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KODI::WINDOWING::WAYLAND::CXkbcommonKeymap Class Reference

#include <XkbcommonKeymap.h>


struct  XkbComposeTableDeleter
struct  XkbKeymapDeleter

Public Member Functions

 CXkbcommonKeymap (std::unique_ptr< xkb_keymap, XkbKeymapDeleter > keymap, std::unique_ptr< xkb_compose_table, XkbComposeTableDeleter > composeTable)
xkb_keysym_t KeysymForKeycode (xkb_keycode_t code) const
void UpdateMask (xkb_mod_mask_t depressed, xkb_mod_mask_t latched, xkb_mod_mask_t locked, xkb_mod_mask_t group)
xkb_mod_mask_t CurrentModifiers () const
XBMCKey XBMCKeyForKeycode (xkb_keycode_t code) const
XBMCMod ActiveXBMCModifiers () const
std::uint32_t UnicodeCodepointForKeycode (xkb_keycode_t code) const
bool ShouldKeycodeRepeat (xkb_keycode_t code) const
bool SupportsKeyComposition () const
KeyComposerStatus KeyComposerFeed (xkb_keycode_t code)
void KeyComposerFlush ()

Static Public Member Functions

static XBMCKey XBMCKeyForKeysym (xkb_keysym_t sym)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CXkbcommonKeymap()

CXkbcommonKeymap::CXkbcommonKeymap ( std::unique_ptr< xkb_keymap, XkbKeymapDeleter > keymap,
std::unique_ptr< xkb_compose_table, XkbComposeTableDeleter > composeTable )

Construct for known xkb_keymap

Member Function Documentation

◆ ActiveXBMCModifiers()

XBMCMod CXkbcommonKeymap::ActiveXBMCModifiers ( ) const

CurrentModifiers with XBMC flags

◆ CurrentModifiers()

xkb_mod_mask_t CXkbcommonKeymap::CurrentModifiers ( ) const

Gets the currently depressed, latched and locked modifiers for the keyboard

◆ KeyComposerFeed()

KeyComposerStatus CXkbcommonKeymap::KeyComposerFeed ( xkb_keycode_t code)

Feed a given keycode to the key composer

code- the keycode
the status of the operation (both the state and the equivalent unicode dead key char resulting from the dead key press)

◆ KeyComposerFlush()

void CXkbcommonKeymap::KeyComposerFlush ( )

Reset the composer state

◆ KeysymForKeycode()

xkb_keysym_t CXkbcommonKeymap::KeysymForKeycode ( xkb_keycode_t code) const

Get xkb keysym for keycode - only a single keysym is supported

◆ ShouldKeycodeRepeat()

bool CXkbcommonKeymap::ShouldKeycodeRepeat ( xkb_keycode_t code) const

Check whether a given keycode should have key repeat

◆ SupportsKeyComposition()

bool CXkbcommonKeymap::SupportsKeyComposition ( ) const

Check if the system supports key composition

true if composition is supported, false otherwise

◆ UnicodeCodepointForKeycode()

std::uint32_t CXkbcommonKeymap::UnicodeCodepointForKeycode ( xkb_keycode_t code) const

Get Unicode codepoint/UTF32 code for provided keycode

◆ UpdateMask()

void CXkbcommonKeymap::UpdateMask ( xkb_mod_mask_t depressed,
xkb_mod_mask_t latched,
xkb_mod_mask_t locked,
xkb_mod_mask_t group )

Updates the currently depressed, latched, locked and group modifiers for a keyboard being tracked.

This function must be called whenever modifiers change, or the state will be wrong and keysym translation will be off.

◆ XBMCKeyForKeycode()

XBMCKey CXkbcommonKeymap::XBMCKeyForKeycode ( xkb_keycode_t code) const

Get XBMCKey for provided keycode

◆ XBMCKeyForKeysym()

XBMCKey CXkbcommonKeymap::XBMCKeyForKeysym ( xkb_keysym_t sym)

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