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ExifInfo_t Struct Reference

#include <libexif.h>

Public Attributes

char CameraMake [33]
char CameraModel [41]
char DateTime [21]
int Height
int Width
int Orientation
int IsColor
int Process
int FlashUsed
float FocalLength
float ExposureTime
float ApertureFNumber
float Distance
float CCDWidth
float ExposureBias
float DigitalZoomRatio
int FocalLength35mmEquiv
int Whitebalance
int MeteringMode
int ExposureProgram
int ExposureMode
int ISOequivalent
int LightSource
int CommentsCharset
int XPCommentsCharset
char Comments [MAX_COMMENT+1]
char FileComment [MAX_COMMENT+1]
char XPComment [MAX_COMMENT+1]
char Description [MAX_COMMENT+1]
unsigned ThumbnailOffset
unsigned ThumbnailSize
unsigned LargestExifOffset
char ThumbnailAtEnd
int ThumbnailSizeOffset
int DateTimeOffsets [MAX_DATE_COPIES]
int numDateTimeTags
int GpsInfoPresent
char GpsLat [31]
char GpsLong [31]
char GpsAlt [20]

Member Data Documentation

◆ ApertureFNumber

float ExifInfo_t::ApertureFNumber

◆ CameraMake

char ExifInfo_t::CameraMake[33]

◆ CameraModel

char ExifInfo_t::CameraModel[41]

◆ CCDWidth

float ExifInfo_t::CCDWidth

◆ Comments

char ExifInfo_t::Comments[MAX_COMMENT+1]

◆ CommentsCharset

int ExifInfo_t::CommentsCharset

◆ DateTime

char ExifInfo_t::DateTime[21]

◆ DateTimeOffsets

int ExifInfo_t::DateTimeOffsets[MAX_DATE_COPIES]

◆ Description

char ExifInfo_t::Description[MAX_COMMENT+1]

◆ DigitalZoomRatio

float ExifInfo_t::DigitalZoomRatio

◆ Distance

float ExifInfo_t::Distance

◆ ExposureBias

float ExifInfo_t::ExposureBias

◆ ExposureMode

int ExifInfo_t::ExposureMode

◆ ExposureProgram

int ExifInfo_t::ExposureProgram

◆ ExposureTime

float ExifInfo_t::ExposureTime

◆ FileComment

char ExifInfo_t::FileComment[MAX_COMMENT+1]

◆ FlashUsed

int ExifInfo_t::FlashUsed

◆ FocalLength

float ExifInfo_t::FocalLength

◆ FocalLength35mmEquiv

int ExifInfo_t::FocalLength35mmEquiv

◆ GpsAlt

char ExifInfo_t::GpsAlt[20]

◆ GpsInfoPresent

int ExifInfo_t::GpsInfoPresent

◆ GpsLat

char ExifInfo_t::GpsLat[31]

◆ GpsLong

char ExifInfo_t::GpsLong[31]

◆ Height

int ExifInfo_t::Height

◆ IsColor

int ExifInfo_t::IsColor

◆ ISOequivalent

int ExifInfo_t::ISOequivalent

◆ LargestExifOffset

unsigned ExifInfo_t::LargestExifOffset

◆ LightSource

int ExifInfo_t::LightSource

◆ MeteringMode

int ExifInfo_t::MeteringMode

◆ numDateTimeTags

int ExifInfo_t::numDateTimeTags

◆ Orientation

int ExifInfo_t::Orientation

◆ Process

int ExifInfo_t::Process

◆ ThumbnailAtEnd

char ExifInfo_t::ThumbnailAtEnd

◆ ThumbnailOffset

unsigned ExifInfo_t::ThumbnailOffset

◆ ThumbnailSize

unsigned ExifInfo_t::ThumbnailSize

◆ ThumbnailSizeOffset

int ExifInfo_t::ThumbnailSizeOffset

◆ Whitebalance

int ExifInfo_t::Whitebalance

◆ Width

int ExifInfo_t::Width

◆ XPComment

char ExifInfo_t::XPComment[MAX_COMMENT+1]

◆ XPCommentsCharset

int ExifInfo_t::XPCommentsCharset

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