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KODI::GAME::CGameClientInGameSaves Class Reference

This class implements in-game saves. More...

#include <GameClientInGameSaves.h>

Public Member Functions

 CGameClientInGameSaves (CGameClient *addon, const AddonInstance_Game *dllStruct)
void Load ()
 Load in-game data.
void Save ()
 Save in-game data.

Detailed Description

This class implements in-game saves.

Some games do not implement state persistence on their own, but rely on the frontend for saving their current memory state to disk. This is mostly the case for emulators for SRAM (battery backed up ram on cartridges) or memory cards.

Differences to save states:

  • Works only for supported games (e.g. emulated games with SRAM support)
  • Often works emulator independent (and can be used to start a game with one emulator and continue with another)
  • Visible in-game (e.g. in-game save game selection menus)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CGameClientInGameSaves()

CGameClientInGameSaves::CGameClientInGameSaves ( CGameClient * addon,
const AddonInstance_Game * dllStruct )


addonThe game client implementation.
dllStructThe emulator or game for which the in-game saves are processed.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Load()

void CGameClientInGameSaves::Load ( )

Load in-game data.

◆ Save()

void CGameClientInGameSaves::Save ( )

Save in-game data.

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