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KODI::WINDOWING::WAYLAND::CSeatWebOS Class Referencefinal

#include <SeatWebOS.h>

Inheritance diagram for KODI::WINDOWING::WAYLAND::CSeatWebOS:

Public Member Functions

 CSeatWebOS (std::uint32_t globalName, wayland::seat_t const &seat, CConnection &connection)
void SetCursor (std::uint32_t serial, wayland::surface_t const &surface, std::int32_t hotspotX, std::int32_t hotspotY) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from KODI::WINDOWING::WAYLAND::CSeat
 CSeat (std::uint32_t globalName, wayland::seat_t const &seat, CConnection &connection)
virtual ~CSeat () noexcept
void AddRawInputHandlerKeyboard (IRawInputHandlerKeyboard *rawKeyboardHandler)
void RemoveRawInputHandlerKeyboard (IRawInputHandlerKeyboard *rawKeyboardHandler)
void AddRawInputHandlerPointer (IRawInputHandlerPointer *rawPointerHandler)
void RemoveRawInputHandlerPointer (IRawInputHandlerPointer *rawPointerHandler)
void AddRawInputHandlerTouch (IRawInputHandlerTouch *rawTouchHandler)
void RemoveRawInputHandlerTouch (IRawInputHandlerTouch *rawTouchHandler)
std::uint32_t GetGlobalName () const
std::string const & GetName () const
bool HasPointerCapability () const
bool HasKeyboardCapability () const
bool HasTouchCapability () const
std::string GetSelectionText () const
wayland::seat_t const & GetWlSeat ()

Protected Member Functions

void InstallKeyboardRepeatInfo () override

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CSeatWebOS()

KODI::WINDOWING::WAYLAND::CSeatWebOS::CSeatWebOS ( std::uint32_t globalName,
wayland::seat_t const & seat,
CConnection & connection )

Member Function Documentation

◆ InstallKeyboardRepeatInfo()

void KODI::WINDOWING::WAYLAND::CSeatWebOS::InstallKeyboardRepeatInfo ( )

Reimplemented from KODI::WINDOWING::WAYLAND::CSeat.

◆ SetCursor()

void KODI::WINDOWING::WAYLAND::CSeatWebOS::SetCursor ( std::uint32_t serial,
wayland::surface_t const & surface,
std::int32_t hotspotX,
std::int32_t hotspotY )

Set the cursor of the pointer of this seat

Parameters are identical wo wl_pointer.set_cursor(). If the seat does not currently have the pointer capability, this is a no-op.

Reimplemented from KODI::WINDOWING::WAYLAND::CSeat.

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